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Newbie here. Hi all!

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  • Newbie here. Hi all!

    I was looking up a PUP guide, and since it had been moved here because of the IGE sellout bs at Alla (which I never joined but often read for quests, etc), I found this place and decided to join, as it simply looks nicer than Alla in general.

    So, hello all. Nice to meet you. ^_^
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    Re: Newbie here. Hi all!

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      Re: Newbie here. Hi all!

      Well welcome to our site. If you haven't already a good starting place on here is to be sure you've read our Forum Rules. Not knowing our rules won't stop a Moderator from putting warnings on you if you do something wrong.

      You'll notice the moderators here are also more active then the ones on Allakhazam.

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        Re: Newbie here. Hi all!

        && Welcome.

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          Re: Newbie here. Hi all!

          Welcome. Glad you decided to register and join us. ^_^

          Overall, FFXIOnline is a much better place to be than Alla, so no need to worry about that. *nodnod*


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            Re: Newbie here. Hi all!

            Welcome to the forums...
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