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I cant log in (alt acc)

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  • I cant log in (alt acc)

    Ive tried Signing In on multipule computers in diffrent places, ie: home, school, work, and I cant log in.

    SephirothYuyX is my main account name and when I view my acc, browsing as a guest, it says im logged in, and im not.

    Maybe a computer ive logged in on has a hold of my acc somewhere? I dont see why that would cause a prob anyway because in the past i was able to be logged in at multipule places.

    Anyway, getting back to the problem. Its not that it wont let me log in, i can log in, but when it does, the page just goes to a white page of nothingness or never loads. And yes ive cleared cookies and all that jazz, but nothing seems to work.

    Ping, or someone, can you boot my acc offline, and maybe that will work? Or maybe something else is all funkied up.


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    Perhapse one the settings in my profile is screwed up? Im using a dark theme and maybe thats why it wont log in correctly?
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    Re: I cant log in (alt acc)

    BTW, this has been happening since the fourm was upgraded. Not right away, but when there was maintence done on it. So its been a good few months.


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      Re: I cant log in (alt acc)

      hmm, nothing wrong i can see... -.-; i'll see about that.