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Cid notes 2: Now with more slurring

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  • Cid notes 2: Now with more slurring

    Because I know you're all dying to know what I'm scribbling down.


    Session 1, May 14, 2016

    Wake up as captives on a transport ship
    headed to Sanctuary Bay
    captured by slaving raiders
    Halric in Sanctuary, probably waiting to pick us up.
    Pirate haven
    Mezlo - Paladin, once a farmer, head injury, family axed
    Jarre - IvorJar - Wizard, timid
    Fire - Rahal, Bard, Half-elf, learning shit, optimistic
    goody two-shoes
    Company of the Golden Sail
    Mezlo try to break chains
    Mezlo breaking wood instead of chains
    "Improvised Dagger"
    "Improvised Club"
    We're gonna get caught
    sailor checking on us
    Super Paladin
    Magic scarce, Mage Hand keys
    everyone unlocked
    Adam, Graham, Lester, Sailors of Stookguard
    Chain Shot
    Attacking crew on deck
    Throwing people to the sharks
    I roll 1, throw away dagger
    Won, get to port (Sanctuary)
    We own the ship, but Golden Sail has a beef and we've basically signed on to be slavers.
    Oldrum & Medral worshiped @ Sanctuary
    People pragmatic
    Grand Admiral Javirs Morgan, Overlord of Sanctuary
    Golden Sail - Slaver organization
    Server: Midgardsormr -> Quetzalcoatl -> Valefor
    Occupation: Reckless Red Mage
    Name: Drjones
    Blog: Mediocre Mage