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  • Final Fantasy in Symphony

    Seattle Times 7/9/09 ~ Music & nightlife | Seattle Symphony looks to 'Final Fantasy' to help score points with young audiences | Seattle Times Newspaper

    INFO - 7:30pm Thursday, and 8:00pm on July 9; Friday, July 10; and Saturday, July 11, at Benaroya Hall 200 University Street ~ Seattle Symphony Ticket Office at 206-215-4747 - online at

    I've enjoyed the series since Final Fantasy on NES. This would be {fun}... if I didn't already have a date with Dynamis and had heard of this sooner, I may have gone tonight. I don't think I can make the Friday and Saturday performances.
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    Re: Final Fantasy in Symphony

    Already posted:

    One on the 9th was good, btw.
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      Re: Final Fantasy in Symphony

      I was looking through old threads and decided to necro this gem. You guys need to check out a Final Fantasy Concert. I've been to two separate concerts in Detroit and both were absolutely amazing. You won't be dissapointed.
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