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Computer issues! PXE , Kernel , shadowing , etc!!

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    Re: Computer issues! PXE , Kernel , shadowing , etc!!

    Originally posted by jenova_9 View Post
    ya they can get into the F2 BIOS but there is only 4 things they can shut down, and I don't think they want to turn off the Hard drive, the other 3 things are the CD/DVD drive, network something, and something else. other than that there is nothing to alter other than calendar and other stuff that aren't related.

    it's issues during the BIOS loading.
    The BIOS needs to be reflashed since it is corrupted. There are only two ways it would be corrupted. The first can occur when BIOS is being read and either there's a failure from reading the BIOS (an electrical failure) or if the power gets cut off and causes feedback to the controller handling I/O to the BIOS. These can cause (very rarely) a situation in which a portion of the EPROM can get damaged. There are ways to test the resistivity of the various parts of the motherboard to see if there are any damages, but this rare circumstance is both too time consuming and too expensive (you need all of the equipment in the first place which costs hundreds of dollars) In this event, you're better off replacing the motherboard.

    The second, most likely way is when a virus comes into play. There's viruses out there that can gain access to your BIOS and overwrite it, either to cause hardware to fail, to disable hardware or to gain access to other parts of your computer (i.e., redirecting the flow of instructions)

    In either event, remove the hard drive (to be safe) and then find other means to write over the BIOS with a legitimate one from the manufacturer. If you're unable to do so, seek professional assistance (or find someone more knowledgeable and who also has the tools needed to perform both restore BIOS as well as scan and remove any viruses)

    If you are able to write over the BIOS and the system still fails to load (or if you encounter significant problems rewriting the BIOS), then junk the motherboard. There's nothing further you can do at this point. If you're able to write to BIOS and it loads properly, then it was most likely a virus, at which point I would try to isolate the hard drive (via a USB adaptor or some other external interface) and do a full scan with a combination of good AV/malware softwares and to isolate the source and remove it (it's easier to do with a drive externally connected)


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      Re: Computer issues! PXE , Kernel , shadowing , etc!!

      oh thanks! I guess they'll have to use their PS3 browser in the meantime.