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    So I came to the realization today that a dualshock 2 + USB adapter is not going to work for everything and I really ought to look into investing in a gamepad that will just plug and play with the newer games on the market. So I'm looking for recommendations if any of you out there have had experience with using PC gamepads. I'll be honest, I'm trying to stay away from anything that mimicks an Xbox controller shape, as I much prefer the layout and feel of a PS2 controller.
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    Re: Gamepads

    Logitech Dualshock

    It's the exact same thing as a PS3 layout. It has 2 sets of shoulder buttons as well as a "secondary switch" button that you can hit to flip flop between 2 completely different configurations that you decide on. It has a rumble feature too... but yeah... no thanks.

    As far as plug and play... it doesn't get simpler. Get the USB (not wireless... those ones eat batteries) one. It should be around 19.95 and found at just about any BestBuy you go to. I plugged it in and it auto-installed the drivers and software in seconds. I didn't even need the install disc that came with it.

    So far it works for FFXIV, FFXI, Skyrim and everything else I own.

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      Re: Gamepads

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