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Embedded Flash application not working properly:

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  • Embedded Flash application not working properly:

    So I'm toying with adding a Flash Player supported Chat room onto a website and I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out why it doesn't seem to be working properly. I embedded the code into the site and it seems to have taken. It offers me the log on screen and password prompt like it's supposed to... but upon filling out the info and selecting "connect"... all it does it think and never actually connects.

    I've tried opening it in Google Chrome, IE and Firefox (all of them updated to current) and none of them seem to work. I also made sure that my Flash Player was properly updated... and it is. I tweaked a few of my system settings and firewalls but nothing seems to work.

    For the lulz, I pulled up the same site on my Droid X and wouldn't you know it... on the phone it works exactly like it should. Anyone have an idea as to what i'm doing wrong and how to fix it? I would assume that it works fine for virtually everyone else... I'm only really looking for a solution for this computer in specific.

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