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Malware/Virus in Drivers

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  • Malware/Virus in Drivers

    Been perusing comments on various products and then came across multiple comments by customers (especially long time reviewers) regarding several generic products that seem to ship with drivers on CD that contain virii or malware.

    So a caveat empor ... you need to make sure you scan these driver discs to make sure they are not infected with malware/virus. It's unfortunate but I had been wondering when something like this would happen. Please note that this affects generic products more than brand name products and seems to be a problem with cheaply priced items (i.e., PS2 to PC adaptor, $4) It's more than likely that the shipper isn't to be blamed (either or affiliate partners) but that there's corruption at the factories (all of these products are from China) and that certain employees are colluding with criminals.