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Missing FFXI Registry files

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  • Missing FFXI Registry files

    Well I want to edit my registry files for FFXI because i have a really good PC and a 1080p moniture and well having 1024x1024 textures just really doesn't look that great at 1080p....

    but when i went into the regedit i could not find the PlayonlineUS anywhere i searched through the whole everything in there so what i am coming to is.....

    anyone else have/had this problem and if so how did you fix it
    i still get on here....even though it might not happen often i do!

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    Re: Missing FFXI Registry files

    If you have configured or run FFXI on this system the registry settings will be created. They are located under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE root key under the SOFTWARE key. The correct name is PlayOnlineUS for the NA version and PlayOnline for the JP version (probably PlayOnlineEU for EU version). The settings you are looking for are under the SquareEnix (for NA) or SQUARE (for JP) key (probably also SquareEnix for EU) in the FinalFantasyXI key. Note that the PlayOnline/PlayOnlineUS(/PlayOnlineEU) key MUST exist if POL Viewer has been installed at all, as this is where POL tracks what PlayOnline software has, in fact, been installed, and where. If this key has been deleted, POL Viewer will most likely not function and need to be reinstalled (have not personally tested this, but at the minimum FFXI and TM would not be available).
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