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low Virtual Memory !

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  • low Virtual Memory !

    what does this meeean? I have gigs of free space! does this mean I need to buy a new computer?

    the pc said its adding a page or something, but ya, I wonder if it will be ok

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    Re: low Virtual Memory !

    Just try resetting your PC. I used to get that error every so often until I reformatted my PC. If you run too many things at once (Anti-Virus, FFXI, Web browser, Music, etc...), you will get that error. Try closing a few programs, and if that doesn't help, try resetting your computer.


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      Re: low Virtual Memory !

      Check Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and click on the performance tab to see what your memory usage looks like, there may be some indication here. You may also need to check performance settings under the System section of Control Panel, it's possible virtual memory is being capped to too low a value.

      Edit: If you received this message only once, I'd reboot but otherwise ignore it. If you get it a lot, it may suggest either your virtual memory settings need to be adjusted or you just plain need more primary storage.

      To forestall the usual confusion: Computer data storage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- see subsections Primary Storage and Secondary Storage.
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        Re: low Virtual Memory !

        1) Use uninstall old programs you do not use anymore

        2) use "disk cleanup" and "disk defragmenter" (both are in accessories > system tools, under your start menu)

        3) depending on your OS, go to Google and do a search on how to change your virtual memory settings.

        This should solve your problem, if you still have issues after this, check your system for spyware and/or viruses

        oh and rebooting your system every once in a while helps to ;p
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          Re: low Virtual Memory !

          ok thanks!