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HDMI sound on video cards

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  • HDMI sound on video cards

    I figured I would as here, since people know there stuff. I am a bit new to HDMI on video cards, and was wondering if the sound is handled by a separate chip or does it take from the main unit? In other words, would disabling and/or not using the HDMI sound on the card, effect the cards graphical performance?

    I have a Radeon HD 3850, and plan on swapping it out with a GeForce GTX 260

    I just want to get away from ATI, I am sick of em lol......but anyway, yeah, any advice on if this new card is good as well. I want to stay in the 160-200 range if I can.

    Edit: no one? figured someone would have something to say ;p

    Its been a long time since I used Nvidia, and so I am a bit out of the loop when it comes to them.
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