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Laptops and Video Inputs

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  • Laptops and Video Inputs

    So Laptops have been around for oooohhhhh (a quick wikipedia search turns up...)hhhh early 80's. And Now aday we have netbooks which are about the size of a piece of paper and weigh about as much as a bridal magazine.

    Pretty crazy stuff.

    And now the meat and potato's of my thread.

    Where the flying fuck are laptops with ANY sort of built in video input? I mean any like S-video, Composite, VGA, HDMI, any fucking thing. I know most screens can do HD video. I don't understand why its so non-cost effective to include a single crummy input to make your laptop monitor a portable monitor.

    Most people probably don't think twice about this, i know there's video capture devices, etc. out there that plug in with a USB. But is it that hard to make your laptop screen have a couple inputs somewhere on the device? I bring this up, because, now that the PSP has HD outputs, and the PS3 is slimmed down, and the Xbox will probably slim up before christmas, why not include your HDTV in your laptop?

    This little combination of technology has apparently completely missed everyone on the planet. I mean, we have knives with thermometers in them to tell us the tempature of each bite before we put it into our fucking mouths, but i can't play my xbox on my Laptop, without some shit resolution and shit lag/refresh rate.

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    Re: Laptops and Video Inputs

    pretty much because you're going to get shit resolution and artifacts if it's built in too, so it saves them money. There are very few things that would validate laptop inputs compared to a portable TV