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  • Flickering Screen

    Hi Guys

    Recently my monitor has been flickering when I turn on my monitor. At first it would only flicker for about 10 seconds or so, but now it flickers for about 5-10 mins before it finally stops. Sometimes it even flickers and then the screen goes COMPLETELY black for a few mins and then flickers again.

    I want to try to adjust the refresh rate, but windows XP Media Center Edition SP3 won't allow me to do so, it's just stuck at 60 Hz. I'm doubtful it's a cable or power outlet problem since the problem seems to fix itself over time (waiting for the flickering to stop). Does anyone have any suggestions? or am I left with buying a new monitor ?

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    Re: Flickering Screen

    I'm a assuming it's a CRT monitor, so it should have some integrated tools that you can try to fix the problem (de-gauss and stuff.) Also check to see if there isn't anything causing interference. For example some cellphones can make monitors flicker real bad from time to time when they are nearby. Or it could be that your monitor is nearing the end of the line.

    In other words I have no idea what's causing it.
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      Re: Flickering Screen

      It's a LCD , SyncMaster 215TW