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    Alright, so I'm considering buying a lap top (I believe the correct term these days is "notebook"). My desktop is old, going on 5+ years, its an old sony vaio. I'm still in college and will be for at least another two years, of which will then be followed promptly ideally by medical school or graduate school. As much as I know a desktop would be by far a better decision in regard to bang for buck, I personally feel that I need something smaller and more portable. As of now, I am looking at either a pc notebook or possibly a mac book pro. The notebook will be used mainly for internet access, typed documents, presentations, and research. However, I do plan to use it from time to time as a gaming platform and even possibly a little design work for hobby. I have heard that the mac can use boot camp to operate the windows OS and run games. Is there a notable difference when playing games using this sort of set up? What are your own opinions about boot camp and gaming on a mac platform vs. a pc? Can a mac book pro compete relatively with a pc notebook? I will be receiving $2000 in a backed scholarship sometime this year and most likely that and then some will be used to buy a new computer. What are your opinions as to my options (with regard to gaming and to overall performance)?
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    Re: Boot Camp

    Irony: MacBook Pro Is the Fastest Windows Vista Notebook
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      Re: Boot Camp

      Not just that, macs run windows much better than pcs in general.
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        Re: Boot Camp

        I'm pretty sure they come with Boot Camp already installed. I've never gotten around to installing windows on mine, but I have a friend who has and he's told me that its great.
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