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How to turn a 9800np into a 9800pro

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  • How to turn a 9800np into a 9800pro

    Here are the steps to take: (please make sticky)

    1. Create a DOS boot disk (DOS 6.22, to be exact).

    If you can't make on go here for the file.

    and download the Dos 6.22 Bootdisk.

    2. Create a second floppy disk with the Flashrom program and the 98-8004.BIN file.

    To download the Flashrom program, click here.

    To download the 9800 Pro BIOS, click here.

    Remember to copy the 98-8004.BIN file into the floppy disk containing the Flashrom program.

    3. Before rebooting the computer, use Powerstrip to set your card to its default speeds of 325/310. (For safety reasons.)
    Your card will overclock to PRO speeds when you flash its bios, you wanna underclock it to make sure the flash works and heat is not messing you up.

    4. Reboot with the DOS 6.22 boot disk.

    5. Once you reach the A:\ prompt, take out the DOS disk and replaced it with the floppy containing Flashrom.

    6. At the A:\ prompt, type:

    flashrom -p 0 98-8004.BIN

    (Important: The "0" above is a zero, not the letter "o.")

    7. Once you receive the message notifying of the successful flash, reboot your computer.

    8. Upon loading WinXP, XP should detect a "new" hardware and correctly call it "9800 Pro." WinXP will automatically re-installed the Catalyst drivers.

    9. Reboot WinXP.

    10. Everything should work. but run a ton of benchmarks to make sure, after reclock to Pro speeds and you should be Fine

    To help your overclocking to higher speeds. buy some copper ram sinks, or a new GPU fan for better results
    Good luck

    After some more testing and feed back it has come to my attention that infineon ram types are acting up. Ill keep you posted, so from now on only flash if you got samsung 2.2ns, 2.8ns, 3.0ns, or 3.3ns

    Keep up the flashing


    Thank you wireless_ninja for this link to great bios

    They have BIOSes for 9100, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800.


    Thank you Aerobahn, this is a great tutorial, and a sure sticky.

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