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    whee! a big party!
    [ame=]YouTube - Final Fantasy XIV Guidleve run with Sparky and Crew[/ame]

    oh wow that dungeon is so spooky! feels like survival horror!
    [ame=]YouTube - Final Fantasy XIV: The Tam Tara Deepcroft[/ame]

    The community sounds like its a mix of groups and soloers, but ya overall it looks very impressive! I wonder if FFXIV so far is as huge as FFXI when it first started? Anyone measured the distance between the FFXIV cities and the FFXI cities? Which FF has more zones/distance between them? Just wondering, mew! =^^=

    But ya, I heard players can't invite people unless they see them, but SE is probably fixing that soon. Also, I wonder how often they will update the story missions (which are based on ranks I heard, I don't think donating crystals to a NPC is required to rank up this time.) Anyone see lightning storms yet? How easy is it to trade stuff?