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How to surf the web when FFXIV's running in full screen mode

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    Re: How to surf the web when FFXIV's running in full screen mode

    Didn't mean to raise false alarms, but how are you all playing this game?

    1. Some kind of Windower or way of auto shifting Windowed Mode to center the active area to the monitor (rather than having intrusive title bar and borders showing)

    2. Fullscreen mode (trying not to habitually hit ALT-TAB)

    3. Windowed Mode in another resolution besides desktop

    4. Windowed Mode, desktop resolution, you don't mind not having it centered to your monitor, having to see borders and title bar.

    To clarify:

    1. Steam overlay no longer works with FFXIV (at least for me) - I'm assuming after 1.19
    2. Shift Window no longer works after 1.19
    3. Cliff's Windower and another Windower no longer works after 1.19
    4. Auto Shift Key Windower scripts no longer works after 1.19a
    5. Gamers Window Relocator no longer works after 1.19

    Note the similarities in these programs/methods. It's obvious that SE does not like these programs altering the position of the windowed area. My question is, why? It's not about stamping out usage of 3rd party apps by alt-tabbing because they would've gotten rid of windowed mode completely (the irony...) And other than the actual "windower", none of these programs inject code nor change the state of the code. That's because they all run Windowed Mode, only auto moving the window to center to monitor. "Windower" type of apps, however, run in FSM and changes code so that the window itself does not lose data from the frame buffer (If I read that correctly) when you ALT-TAB.
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      Intersting. Never had thought about it.