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    Great Axes

    (War Axe)


    Bloodbath - Revel in the blood of an enemy, converting a percentage of the damage dealt by your next successful attack into HP.

    Defender - Tighten your guard, increasing defense and reducing attack power. Increases enmity generation while in steadfast stance.

    Disorientate - Flick dust, sand, or soil at an enemy, reducing the target's evasion. Effect may stack up to three times.

    Enduring March - Take strong and sure steps, enabling movement at reduced speed while bound. While active, also maintains steadfast stance while moving.

    Murderous Intent - Throw yourself into your attacks, increasing critical hit rate and reducing TP generation.

    Weapon Skills
    Brandish - Strike nearby enemies, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage.

    Iron Tempest - Spin your axe wildly, increasing attack power and dealing Wind damage to nearby targets. (Element - Wind)

    Skull Sunder - Strike an enemy in the head, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage. Deals further damage over time. Attacks enemies in a cone before you while in steadfast stance.

    Trunksplitter - Deliver a strong chop, increasing attack power and dealing slashing damage. Attack power is further increased against Seedkin.

    The marauder is a combat specialist whose weapon of choice is the greataxe -- a fearsome arm emblematic of Eorzea's pirates. Their approach to battle is one of brute force, relying on strength and steel to crush enemies and sunder weapons.

    They are highly sought after for their ferocity and intimidating presence, and are often employed to hunt down monsters plaguing the land, or to turn the tide of battle between warring nations. Throwing axes such as the francisca supplement the marauder's arsenal, making them fearsome adversaries even at range.

    While stationary, marauders are able to generate a solid base from which they are able to carry out devastating attacks.

    The strength of marauders lies in their ability to control timing and distance to maximize the efficacy of their blows.
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