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Confused about Cure caps

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  • Confused about Cure caps

    Hey Guys,

    I've finished meriting bard and I've moved onto my next leveling project: WHM

    Basically, I'm trying to acquire certain gear sets for different situations

    Enfeebling, Divine, Cures, enhancing Resting etc

    In my Cure set, I've been using the crow set for my healing so I dont draw hate and die, but I'm a little confused about how to go about maxing out my cures

    Is there a formula I can use to evaluate MND versus Healing Magic Skill in terms of increase to cure potency?

    I looked on the wiki but I didn't find a huge amount of information there. Also, How do I relate MND to divine, enfeebling, and enhancing magic skills to determine how to really get the most out of my spells?

    Any input is very much appreciated, and I'm sure I won't be disappointed as this community has been more than helpful in answering my various questions



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    Re: Confused about Cure caps

    This is the best resource I can think of for such a thing. I don't know any of the math, but this will tell you how much your cures will do with stats you have, and of course you can input other values to take a look at what will give your cures more power.

    Furen's FFXI Cure Calculator
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      Re: Confused about Cure caps

      For a WHM, stats only give you up to the cap for the spell (except Cure V, which doesn't have one, and tends to be more MP-efficient than the rest). Beyond that, you'll need the +cure potency items to do better: Light staff and HQ, Noble's tunic and HQ ... and the one Sea obi can be effective at times.


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        Re: Confused about Cure caps

        And Mind of course helps out with spells like Banish, Holy, Repose, and some enfeebles like Paralyze and Slow to name a few. I'm not sure about enhancing spells like Stoneskin or Protectra....


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          Re: Confused about Cure caps

          Stoneskin is affected by MND and Enhancing Magic Skill. Protect/Shell have static potencies. Barspells are affected by Enhancing Magic Skill only. Regen spells have static potencies.

          MND is to Banish and Holy as INT is to BLM nukes.

          If your cures are uncapped, 1 MND = 1, sometimes 2 more HP recovered until you hit the cap.