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    Okay so i read the sticky, now my question is: If I dual wield axes would I be doing less damage than if i were using a great axe?

    If can do similar if not more damage while dual wielding that is all I want to know. I want to use NIN as a sub but I don't know whether to pick WAR or THF. I want WAR but if I can be doing more damage with a great axe than I'd rather be going at my full potential with a THF.

    Thank you

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    Re: Weapon questions

    I'm no War expert. I can say that I did level it and I dual wield axes for a certain amount of levels but then switched over to great axe. Of course, I kept my great axe leveled while using dual axes so I wasn't gimped when I switched. (And I also had a 75 drk that I used a great axe on also for some levels.) So I guess the answer to your question is that for some levels dual wielding works well but for others, including higher levels, great axe shines more.
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      Re: Weapon questions

      Great Axe has always won out any time between 5 and 55 thanks to Shield Break. The 2-hander change just made it even more unfair.

      There are 5 "dead" levels from 55 to 60 in which Axe has Rampage yet Great Axe doesn't have RR and Lolibris will resist your breaks. After RR G.Axe is golden again.

      Post-55 you might be able to put out similar or slightly better damage than Great Axe but I doubt it, as the 2-hander change is very powerful and will reward you with better Acc/Attack for free. At 75 I hear that with the right gear and axes and merit setup, it's possible for Axes to compete with Great Axe but it costs more.

      However THF doesn't really benefit much from /NIN until 50 either.


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        Re: Weapon questions

        Hmmm I see thanks for the replies. I have already started leveling THF so I wont stop till 20 then I guess I'll try to unlock BLU. /NIN is good for BLU yes? or would another sub be even better? I've not really found a class to take to 75 or any high level yet I get kinda bored after the 30's. Might be because I havent gone to level in Kazham yet though.

        I don't know but thanks again for the replies

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          Re: Weapon questions

          Axes only pay off in one situation at end game, and that's merit parties. And this is assuming you have the following;

          8/8 Axe Merits
          8/8 Sword Merits
          Ridill (or at least a Joyeuse)
          Supanomimi (spelling? @_@)

          ^ even with all that, you won't be beating G.AXE performance by a whole lot. More to the point, you'll be gimping your WAR (and quite likely other jobs) at endgame since you haven't maxed out your G.AXE potential. There's nothing wrong with subbing NIN for safety and still using a G.AXE. It's just that the glory days of Axe & Axe or Axe & Sword went away witth the 2 handed update.

          Hell, just by subbing SAM and popping Hasso you get a whopping +10 Accuracy, HASTE and +5 STR at 75 (STR bonus scales according to your level, the other 2 are set in stone) which does far more for your DD than a 2nd weapon and -10~15% delay.

          If you need more proof, get a 75 WAR to show off Steel Cyclone, Raging Rush or King's Justice lol.