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  • Starting WAR merit suggestions

    Hello, im a 75 RDM and one other job thats intrested me is WAR. I like the idea of a DD job that can operate very nicely with a sub NIN, not main nin.(for instance war/nin, thf/ on..) Im going to continue my WAR which is at 37.

    On RDM so far ive merited MP, convert, and enfeebling, and slow2. For WAR i thought it would be fun if i try to max crit hits and put some in HP( im a hume) I was thinking of putting one in STR put the stat catagory is very expensive, i dont think its worth it too too much.

    So does that seem like a deadly combo? WAR/NIN with full crit hits? The thought of it seems very nice. I cant wait to get to lvling WAR. Hmm.... now if i can only get my hands on a Ridil/Joyeuse....

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    Re: Starting WAR merit suggestions

    crit is the top choice most war players max first. With duel wield + double attack + haste build you'll be swinging a lot, not to mention the chance to crit your rampage too.

    double attack - berserk - agressors there are certain build to this depends on your preference I guess. But the idea is to level berserk and agressors equally since they are usd together mostly
    I went 5-2-2 because I like double attack. It's a fun skill.
    Some said 4-3-3 is the best over all.

    Keep STR for when you have nothing to do.
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      Re: Starting WAR merit suggestions

      For WAR I've always maintained that Crit Merits would out shine STR Merits, but a friend of me decided to cap STR first. (Nevermind you can camp Crit Rate much faster than you can STR!)

      I'm one Crit Rate Merit away from cap, and I've already noticed them kicking in for DRK. (1579 Guillotine had Double Attack proc, and had to be a crit or two.) Crit rate is something that could help any job you decide to level that melees.

      For WAR I would like to have full Double Attack Merits, full Crits Merits, and fully leveled Axe Merits. Only problem is I'm leveling a number of jobs to Lv.75, and if I fully level Axe, I can't level Great Sword & Scythe for DRK, or Great Katana for SAM. But if you're going to go WAR all out, capping Axe Merits would give you better Acc and better Atk. (Of course you can't Merit Axe as RDM, but something to think about for the future.)
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        Re: Starting WAR merit suggestions

        well, i was going to merit for WAR on RDM but i just want to lvl WAR. If i get bored ill merit for crit hits, but lvling WAR/NIN is fun ^^


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          Re: Starting WAR merit suggestions

          I acually did STR first, lol. Got the hardest out of the way, HP isnt very useful on WAR, DA/Crit are good for starting off. meriting STR though will help you alot while leveling to 75, its friggin crazy having 5 str merits when your leveling samurai <.< I did 8 1,400 tachi kasha's in almost a straight row in an exp pt in bibiki bay lol.


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            Re: Starting WAR merit suggestions

            In my 60s, I leveled with another WAR in my LS. His other job was a 75 MNK with capped crit merits. So by 60, he had 3 or 4(?) of those crit merits in effect for his WAR. The rate of his crit hits vs. mine was quite obvious. So, I don't think you can really put a pricetag on how valuable crit hit merits are


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              Re: Starting WAR merit suggestions

              I merited Crit hit rates, while I was on BLM and was deciding to lv WAR anyways. I have noticed that when Double Att kicks in, I will also crit more.

              But I am one away from capping crit merit (57WAR) and will do str next. But you can definately see the crits show more.
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                Re: Starting WAR merit suggestions

                First of all, ask yourself which job you'll want to play more @ endgame; WAR or RDM?

                I say this because of weapon choice merits. You'll want to merit either Great Axe, Axe, or Sword. If you're dedicated to getting a Joyeuse or Ridil for your WAR (GL with the Ridil buddy ; then merit sword skill to max your accuracy and attack. This will also benefit your RDM quite nicely.

                Critical Hits are pretty good and are definately a top priority. Lv 4 critical hits has greatly improved my rampages in EXP.

                As for what job category to merit 1st, it's Double Attack. It might not seem like much at first, but once you're at around lv 3 or 4 DA you'll be packing some serious heat. The problem though, is whether or not to max it out;

                Some WAR like to go 5/5 on Berserk/Aggressor, which is nice. But I personally find at least 4 points in double attack to be best. From there, you can either max it out and do 2/2 for Zerk/Aggro, or leave DA @4 and go 3/3, giving you -30 seconds on both JA's and a +4% double attack rate. It all depends on what you want more.

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