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    Since much of the game is very solo oriented now I have a few questions about solo THF.

    1. Sub NIN or DNC?
    NIN sub has always been the more popular sub and it would enable me to take on harder mobs without dieing, but I would need bloody bolts to not have any downtime as well as shehei to keep shadows ( not THAT big of a deal). Is this worth the cost?

    DNC sub looks very interesting especially post 40 when I get dual wield. I would be able to kill things, ableit at a slower pace, but still have little downtime. Does it slow down exp too much?

    2. Gear

    Is it worth it to buy the best gear for my level? I know THF can be very gear dependent and I want to level at a fast to decent pace. I assume the answer is yes, but I'm just curious.

    Thanks for all the answers ^^

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    Re: Solo THF

    If you are worried about the cost, just use Dancer as the sub. Keep a healthy supply of sleep bolts, and bloody bolts for "just in case" though.

    Sleep bolts so you can SA the mob, and Bloody in case you run out of TP.

    Gear will be hard to obtain for mid levels now, so just get what you can. Don't worry about having top of the line gear at the moment. Just make sure you get a Scorpion Harness when you reach the right level though, that will help you out majorly. Also, get the Noct Set if you can when you reach that level. That gear is great for its level.


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      Re: Solo THF

      If you are soloing on THF evasion is the way to go. Take the time to get an Empress Hairpin, pick up an evasion back piece, battle gloves and evasion earrings. I actually did alot of soloing with /whm and would get book refresh. That way I could still heal myself and keep TP to kill at a decent rate.