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Mercurial Kris?

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  • Mercurial Kris?

    I just reached THF50 and am planning on buying a Mercurial Kris (just waiting on stock), just wondering if it's worth the 2 mil for it. Hate to buy it and end up not using it very long.

    Let me know, thanks.
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    Re: Mercurial Kris?

    Nope. Its DPS is too low. It wasn't that great before, it certainly won't hold up to post-75 weapons.


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      Re: Mercurial Kris?

      It's a zerg weapon. It is outclassed by other zerg weapons like lolRidill or Kclub, though. It's like the low-end when it comes to zerging, but its use is basically limited to zergs. It's not something useful for a normal set.
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        Re: Mercurial Kris?

        If you want something that's fun to play with, get it. I had it and had a great time with it. I used it on my COR/NIN. I'd melee in a +acc build with joy/mk, build tp and then use slug shot in a racc build. It was alot of fun. Not great DPS that armando pointed out, but builds TP fast and was fun.
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