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  • Empedocles
    Re: Farm spots

    Although I haven't been there for a while, one area that is decent for farming is Sanctuary of Zi'tah, Goobbues and Bats. Sell cuttings on AH, NPC or AH moss from Goobs, NPC all blood from bats.

    The Boyahda Tree is better, Goobs are harder to kill but the cuttings drop rate is much better plus those drop Lumber which sells quite nicely.

    Really depends on your server though.

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  • Trelltan
    started a topic Farm spots

    Farm spots

    If you could write down the places you farmed for money to help other Thiefs out such as my self for solo purposes

    Name of mob: Lady Bug
    Area: East Ronfure (S)
    Item: Ladybug Wing
    Other:Started to farm these after Angel Skins dropped in price