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  • THF merits?

    Honestly All I can think to do here is triple attack, Faint and Aura steal. Do you guys have any suggestions?
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    Re: THF merits?

    Ass Charge seems useful at least to unlock.


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      Re: THF merits?

      Depends on what you do with your THF. But here's what I'd recommend;

      Group 1: 5/5 Triple Attack and 5/5 Trick Attack. Yeah SA is really nice but it's TA that really matters in end game. You could also do 5/5 SATA though I'm not sure how that stacks up damage wise over the loss of additional triple attack (which also affects your TP gain considerably)

      Group 2: 5/5 Feint, no contest. 2-minute feint is incredibly useful against bosses. Aura Steal can be cute though since Steal is on a 5 minute timer it's not the best ability in the world. Ambush can be really nice, but you're probably much better off maxing out Assassin's Charge. Being able to force a triple attack every 5 minutes on a WS is amazing.



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        Re: THF merits?

        Originally posted by Shadowneko View Post
        Honestly All I can think to do here is triple attack, Faint and Aura steal.
        Would be an interesting merit option: "OMG! IS THAT THE REAL KIRIN!? ~~faint~~"

        (Don't know why, but that idea makes me smile. Heheh.)
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          Re: THF merits?

          Well shite.. now I see that all those gold coins I missed was only cuz the steal failed. :O Aww and I de-merited. -kicks a missionary-

          Agree with the rest. Your best merits are Feint/Assassin's Charge/Triple Attack. The rest is only icing on the cake.

          'Course, unless your EGLS is really nice to you, you're THF is only there for TH and your Feint. lol Max Feint ended up being the best, situationally.
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            Re: THF merits?

            Aura Steal only kicks in when Steal fails (including for when there's nothing to steal: 100% fail). I've never seen any evidence that it lowers successful steal rate in the slightest.

            It's definitely something you want to either max out or only get one level of; the biggest benefit comes from the fact that it turns Steal into a powerful instant Dispel against very many mobs. It's proven pretty handy in Nyzul. Again, keep in mind that the % chance from Aura Steal's level is only the chance of receiving the status: if there's something to dispel and you don't steal an item, you will dispel an effect 100% of the time.

            Ambush seemed useful and interesting a long time ago at a much lower level, but these days I don't often fight things where that kind of acc bonus seems necessary. Maybe if it helps you keep your haste gear equipped more often?
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