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Gil Toss?

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  • Gil Toss?

    It was probably already thought of somewhere but shouldnt THF have some kind of Gil Toss tech? Where if you throw the ammount of gil it will do that damage? I would think if it does good dmg it wouldnt be too bad. Limit it to say 2-300 gil per throw and have a 5-7-10 min timer and it will throw gil out periodically? It could be a sure thing like goes through all defense and will give you RA TP back or something...i ono just a wierd thought i had one day..probably already thought of, just like to hear what other people think.

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    it's a samurai ability if FFV so giving it to samurai maybe more appropriate? ^^
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      Lol yeah i can see how that works with RNG and NIN but i mean a more practical direct way to do this would be THF since they can steal and mug and stuff. This although could be slow, be a sure way to get gil out of system as well..although i wouldnt count on it hehe.

      I dont see how SAM (in this game not FFV) would work out with gil toss Oo i mean it just seems to work better with THF is all.

      I ono just something fun i thought about that might be cool to have as a little extra stuff on the side for THF. Or we could give it to DRG to boost their dmg since people complain about that @_@ but currently THF seems more logical than SAM(or any other class).


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        Re: Gil Toss?

        i think it would be cool i couldnt afford it though ^^
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          Re: Gil Toss?

          Originally posted by StarvingArtist
          Rangers already do that with every shot ^^ (minus Barrage)
          I was about to say that.....:thumb:


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            Re: Gil Toss?

            you know, I can honestly say I've never used the Gil Toss ability on any of the prior FF games. Just didn't make sense to me. I horded every piece of gil I got.

            Thanks Yyg!


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              Re: Gil Toss?

              ff10 the one summon (forgot his name) used sumwhat the same system and he was somewhat a sam but didnt rikku have throw gil ability
              lvl 47 black mage on fairy AF1 complete

              pics comeing soon (as soo as i figure out how to get then off pol)


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                Re: Gil Toss?

                The Gil Toss on the previous FF games was sick in the damage it could do though in relation to other damage possible in the game. I mean sick as in about 5k gil was always 9999 damage. Worked great later on on were the monster generally gave you back 10k+ in gil >.>

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                  Re: Gil Toss?

                  itd be funny if there was no limit and someone quitting decided to sell everything, say has 500,000,000 gil... goes up to like Vrtra, Gil Toss, dead ;p

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                    Re: Gil Toss?

                    in FFX-2 they all had gill toss
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                      Re: Gil Toss?

                      I used Gil Toss frequently in FFV. It's pretty powerful if you can spare the money.
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                        Re: Gil Toss?

                        thf could use gil toss it would make since bc there weak attack and weak rnged they wouldnt do much dmg but with gil toss it would help but i think thf is dieing like rng has i havent partyed with a ranger in about a year now imma gonna level my rng lol
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                          Re: Gil Toss?

                          THF is dieing? I don't know what you're playing, but at my level ~70, thf is quite powerful, at least I think so anyway...

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                            Re: Gil Toss?

                            Pay Yojimbo some hefty cash and 9if ur lucky), instant kill.
                            It would be funny seeing someone kill the CoP bosses by tossing them 1gil for the kill.
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                              Re: Gil Toss?

                              Zeningage was invaluable in FFV for groups of enemies that revive each other. I wonder how wide a range it might have in FFXI though. It was always all enemy in previous games, but I figure they might want to limit it to a single target here if it was introduced...

                              Biggest problem with it usually was that you can't control how much gil you use. Probably not a big deal endgame, but you want to use it quite sparingly early on.
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