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Blood Pact Change: A Suggestion

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  • Blood Pact Change: A Suggestion

    A lot of people are posting in the official forums about making radical changes to the way we play SMN as a whole. I think... with a few minor changes we can drastically improve SMN's playability.

    The current BP timer starts out at 60seconds and can be capped as low as 45. It's great if you can get it that low... in fact... it's really not all that hard to do it these days. The only problem I see with it is that even if we can reduce the timer to 45... we are still drastically out-damaged by everyone... and our versatility as a Jack-of-all-Trades doesn't really make up for it in the long run.

    Long-term damage output is one of the main focuses to the suggestions that people are posting... but what if we keep the damage output/BP the same... and just allow us to cap out our BP reduction at a lower number... like say... 30 instead of 45.

    15 seconds makes a big difference when you think about it in terms of a longer fight. This reduction will allow a few things... namely:

    1: It will make acquiring the Avatar Specific ToM Weapons more... useful... since they offer such a drastic reduction to BP timer all by themselves.

    2: It will allow (if recapped closer to 30) more BPs/minute... which equates to more damage/minute.

    3: It will allow us to rotate and keep more buffs on the party if we want.

    4: It will (again... if recapped down to 30) allow up to 4... or 5 Astral Flows/2hour.

    5: It will make Wings of the Goddess more desirable to players who have not yet tackled the missions/quests further in... because of the BP reduction atma offered upon completion of the Windurst Quests.

    6: It means we wont need a new ability... or new spells... or an overhaul of the BPs we already have. More BPs in a shorter period of time = better... plain and simple.

    Try not to think of it in terms of "I'd rather just get some new colossal avatar that deals whoop-ass loads of damage" and think of it more in terms of a realistic solution. Correct me if I'm wrong... but wouldn't that make everyone happy?

    Also: I do agree that our 2hour needs a bit of an alteration... but I can't really think of anything to suggest besides an adjustment to the damage modifier. Maybe just adding a 5-10% damage increase to the BPs would offer up enough damage to make people happy with it. I mean... especially if this BP recap were to come into effect... that would mean +10%damage/BP... with 1-2 additional BPs/Astral Flow.

    (I posted this on the Official Forums in hopes that it moves someone to take a look into it)

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    Re: Blood Pact Change: A Suggestion

    Why not make BPs into different catagories, and have different timers for each one.

    Such as BP for buffs.

    BP for Damage,

    and BP for healing?


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      Re: Blood Pact Change: A Suggestion

      I don't know much about SMN, but that seems like a realistic change to help keep it relevant in a party/alliance setting.
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