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Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

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  • Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

    Just starting a thread on little Interesting Facts about Smn.
    (This Thread can be found on KillingIfrit, FFXIonline, and Allakhazam)

    These Facts im trying to include are ones that most people would not know about, so if you know any type of weird glitches or facts about BP etc etc, please include here.

    Anything starting with X will mean its either a new point or a changed point

    Facts: (3 sections)


    SMN/BST will give full widescan (BST full widescan).
    Truth to this: I tested this out as a lvl 72SMN/75BST (so my bst sub was lvl 36). I did get the Widescan a lvl 72 BST would have access to ^^. A lvl 1 BST Sub will still give the Main SMN a full widescan that a full bst could have access too (at your smn's lvl).

    Sacrifice Torque will wake the Smn up from sleep
    Truth to this: If you have an avatar out and get slepted by a mob, equip this, and the hp you lose per tick from equiping it, will act like posion and wake you up (confrimed by me). Though if you get slepted by a nightmare type move, it will not wake you up.

    Avatar's BP, and Spirit magic will not cause magic agro
    Truth to this: If your near an elemental/rogue spirit or a mob that agroes to magic, by using a BP right next to them, will not cause them to agroe you. Please note though, by summoning a Spirit or an Avatar, will still cause magic agroe

    X Losing Aggro
    Truth to this: A summoner can easily get rid of an aggro mob. If a mob is chasing you for a certain period of time, it will give up the chase. So, if you want to get by a single aggro mob, put a pet on it, then when you're just out of sight range (to be a safe distance away) release your pet and drag the mob around until it de-aggros.(please note to Deodorize yourself, if mobs tracks by scent) (thanks to Rakshaka)

    X Detect Pursuing Mobs
    Truth to this: When summoned, an avatar will face the same way as a summoner, unless the summoner has aggro on a monster, in which case the avatar will appear facing the direction of the monster. This can be useful to determine wheter or not you're being chased. (thanks to Rakshaka)

    X Preventing Spells and Abilities
    Truth to this: For most mobs this can be done. If a monster is charging an ability or spell to use against your avatar, the monster will stop charging the spell/ability if your avatar is dispelled. This can prevent nasty GA spells from hitting your party/ alliance. Please note that if you do use this to stop an ability, it won't cause the monster to lose the TP it had. This will cause the monster to use a TP attack (possibly a different one) after a few seconds. (thanks to Rakshaka)


    Being silenced will not prevent you from using BP or a spirit using magic
    Truth to this: if you silenced and your avatar or spirit isn`t, you are still able to use BP and magic from them. Please note though, being silenced will not allow you to cast avatars

    Avatars have a 50% damage reduction
    Truth to this: Tested against 1000 needles, i took 500 dmg and Fenrir took 250 dmg. All the other avatars also have this trait

    BP do not Cause Tp to mobs
    Truth to this: Jeryhn from KI has done some test on this, and has confirmed this, though Auto attack will still cause 10%tp to mobs. (i will confirm this later on as a smn/bst)

    X An Avatar's Perpetuation cost will always be 1, from being a a free avatar (except in 2 hour mode)
    Truth to this: Any piece of refresh gear or spell will take this first slot for the perpetuaton cost, or if there is no refresh, avatar will cost 1mp per tick (thanks to snekadid for fixing this up)

    Telling your avatar to fight other mobs using retreat (when 2 or more mobs agroe you)
    Truth to this: When you have two or mobs chasing you, and your avatar is attacking one of them. by using the retreat command, your avatar will go and fight the other mob. This can be useful if your out of range for using the assualt command, or don`t want to get more hate by using the assualt command (some further testing needed, to determine if there can be more control over which mob your avatar will atack first, eg if its the order of the mobs that agroed first, or if its the distance the mobs are from you)

    Avatars using a BP while still moving towards the mob
    Truth to this: When you first summon your avatar, instead using assualt, to get the avatar in postion then using a BP, Try this instead. Move your summoner towards the mob, and let you avatar follow, once your near enough, use a BP, and use the assualt command straight afterwoods. This will help avoid wasting a BP due to being to far

    X Diabolos has the highest sleep resist rate, above all other avatars
    Truth to this: Try using Diabolos in any Ballista match, and you will see better sleep resist rates then any other avatar (or for that matter against mobs that sleep too). Combine this with the Sacrifice Torque, and you will have a great time avoiding sleep moves.

    X Avatar Resistance
    Truth to this: Celestial Avatars, spirits, and Diabolos are almost completely immune to magic of their element, and the element that they're strong against.
    Carbuncle and Fenrir do not resist dark or light magic.
    One example mentioned before was diabolos resisting sleep. Dark spirit also resists sleep, and light spirit resists lullaby.
    This applies to abilities as well. For example, Ifrit has a high resistance against hex eye.
    This does not apply to spike effects. Ifrit will still be paralyzed by ice spikes.(thanks to Rakshaka)

    X Avatar Pulling (in dynamis)
    Truth to this: Summoners can pull linking mobs without fear. I'm sure everyone already knows about this one. But, did you know it can also work in Dynamis? In Dynamis the mobs are a little different. Monsters do not have a 10 second grace period where they will sit on their butts after they lose all targets they have aggro on. If they lose their target(s) they will instantly be able to link/aggro again. You can successfully avatar pull in Dynamis using the following strategy:

    Summon Diabolos, assault a icon/tombstone/effigy. Mobs will pop and start beating on diabolos. Use nightmare on the stone. Retreat Diabolos. At this point there are one or more mobs sleeping at their spawn point. If you would dispel Diabolos at this point, the only creature that would have aggro on you is the stone. If you release Diabolos while the stone is next to the slept mobs, they will instatly relink on the stone, aggroing you. This is why you retreat Diabolos. Once the stone is far away enough from the monsters so that they wont link on it, release Diabolos. The monsters willl de-aggro, and since none of their nearby comrades have hate on you, they will have nothing to link on. I've personally tested and verified that this works. (thanks to Rakshaka)


    X Control who your Light spirit will cast magic on
    Truth to this: All you need to do is make your Light spirit face the person you want it to cast it on. This can be done by position you self properly --> Spirit--->Member----> you (this will give def make your light spirit cast magic on that member first, unless someone has really low hp, and the light spirit can also see them too (in which case, it could cast a cure spell first)
    please note (From Rakshaka): Light spirit can cast on anyone in front of them, not just the person directly in front of them. Also if your spirit is engaged on a monster, if you are between the spirit and the monster, light spirit can buff you or debuff them.

    A spirit will have its spell timer cut in half, if a mob is agroed (and no assualt is used)
    Truth to this: Confirmed (been using this method for a long time, also a Light spirit timer is half too, since your not telling it to assualt (for protects and cures etc)

    Have the Spirit timer start when its casting another spell
    Truth to this: When a spirit begins to Cast a spell, tell it to attack straight away, and while its casting a spell, the timer for the 2nd one will be ticking down already.

    Have a spirit Attack and follow a mob while casting a spell
    Truth to this: Again, tell the spirit the assualt when it first starts casting a spell, and it will continue attacking plus following the mob (this will also help if the mob tends to go out of range)

    A Light Spirit can cast Curaga Tier spells to other Parties in an alliance
    Truth to this: This works 100%, though light spirit generally casts curaga spells, if most of the pt is low on health. Please note though, that the Curaga spell will still only affect that pt, not the whole alliance

    Spirit Formula
    Spirit Timer = 48 - Current SMN SKILL/3 + Max SMN Skill/3 (for your level)
    If Spirit is cast on its day, -4 secs
    If Spirit is cast on Weak day, +4 secs
    If Spirit is cast on its weather, -2 secs
    If Spirit is cast on weak westher, +2 secs
    If using AF2 Spats ------------, -5 secs
    If using Astra Flow -----------, -5 secs
    Truth to this: ive been working on this for awhile, and its not 100% correct (more 95% imo), but it is probably the most correct formula out


    * The update to the elemental Obi's now activate the day effect on af2
    comment: This will most likely be false, but i still have yet to see some testing.

    * An Avatar's def is based of the Smn def (-50% damage reduction)
    Comment: this is just a theory based on Avatars have -50% reduction in the first place

    * The Astral Staff adds some -%damage reduction to an Avatar
    Comment: could be true, will need to test on some Cactuars

    * more hate a smn has, more likely a Spirit will cast offensive spells
    Comment: most likely true, but i will do some solid testing on this to confirm (any help will be appricated)

    * You can use both the -BP gear, and enhancing avatar gear at the same time:
    Comment: supposely if you have the -BP gear on when you first click on the BP, and change the gear straight away afterwoods to enahancing avatar effect, you would get the best of both worlds. When i reach 73 (next lvl) ill do some testing with Avatar attack and the BP

    False Rumours

    * The light and Dark spirit will cast Bio and Dia 3 now (Found False)

    * A light Spirit can cast raise (found false)

    to be continued (please tell if you have any)
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    Re: Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

    This is very nice information. I'd like to add a few things if you don't mind.

    1. There is another simple spirit forumla for summoners.

    75 - smn magic/3

    2. Blink can absorb sleep spells. Some people know this and some people don't know this. So, Garuda's Aerial Armor is useful in Ballista since the Blink effect on Garuda can absorb sleep spells; however, Blink isn't the same as Utsusemi. A person can randomly hit someone's shadow if the opponent is using Blink. A person has to go through all of the shadows if the opponent is using Utsusemi.

    3. In a Ballista, have someone poison your avatar so they can immediately wake up from a sleep spell.

    I hope it's a bit useful.

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      Re: Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

      This looks like a potential sticky (Hoping :+D). Thanks for the summoner tips I hope to be leveling summoner soon. Curently sitting at 20 with cap skills while getting the avatar fights done. Thankyou for an interesting and informative post OP!


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        Re: Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

        update (this one is a day old, so havn`t been able to update with some new information as of yet, but there are some juicy information in this one)

        as for the smn spirit formula. the 75 - smnskill/3 was the old forumla, but only really worked for 1 lvl. With smn skill, if you always at your cap, the cast time will be 47-48 secs when using assualt

        so your cap could be 150, (at lvl 40 something) or 270 at lvl 75, it will still be the same time, but if you don`t lvl you smn skill during the levels, and you get further behind the smn skill cap, you timer will be slower.

        on the plus side, the more smn skill u get over the cap, the more the timer will decrease, (which is pretty much smn skill/3 past the cap(in seconds))

        hope this helps


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          Re: Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

          At level 1 summoner, your summoning magic starts at 0 and it caps at 6. It would take 75 seconds for the spirit to cast a spell. That's why it takes so long for the summoners who are low leveled to let their spirit cast a spell. Let's say if my summoning skill was 153.

          75 - (153/3) = 24 seconds.

          So it'll take 24 seconds for the spirit to cast a spell.

          However, at summoning skill 225, it'll start to take 0 seconds for it to cast a spell. I haven't really asked anybody about the super fast casting yet. Like at the point where your spirit starts casting less than 10 seconds. Also, this formula is useless after summoning skill 225 since the number will turn out negative.

          So, this does seem like an old, but useful formula. ^^

          Note: If you have your summoning magic capped and want to see how many seconds your spirit will cast a spell, do this: 75 - your level (not summoning magic level, but the summoner leve itself).

          I hope this is useful. ^^

          Aaliyah is more than a woman and she graduated with a 4.0 GPA (she only had 1 "C" grade ever in her life).

          I bolded and underlined the "is" just for you, Malacite.


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            Re: Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

            hey, just for anyone that is curious about the formula posted, here is the original page

            now this link is the one where i slowly worked out the forumla, with a range of levels. It really does work though, so if you lvl 50 or 70 or 40, this forumla will be quite accurate. Atm i have around 300 smn skill (with equipment) at lvl 72. my timer for purely using assualt with a spirit is around 33-35 secs (on a non affecting day or weather etc). though by lvl 75 with smn spats and some merited smn skill. i plan to have a base timer of around 20 secs give or take depending on the day and weather.

            This will be quite good though, since you could have your spirits casting between BP. For a good role model in spirit casting and using, i would suggest learn from ShadowKind aka Kairos. HE has been using spirits for a long time, and has them fully merited so they hardly cost him a thing to use (magic wise etc)


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              Re: Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

              Half of this I pretty much knew/felt was true, but nonetheless I learned some things that will help me be better at my job!

              Thanks much

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                Re: Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

                Here's an intersting fact I discovered. Colibri normally absorb spells to cast them at whoever they are fighting. Avatars are immune to this. Unfortunately, they still resist pretty badly. Except Meteorite seems to be a good rate, but can still be resisted. Double Slap seems to be more useful at this lvl anyway.
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                  Re: Little Interesting Facts and rumours about Smn

                  ive had a light spirit raise me before.