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Gear sets for SCH?

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  • Gear sets for SCH?

    I've contemplated leveling my SCH which is 37 atm, mainly b/c I've seen the nuking numbers that some SCH's put out (some better than BLMs), but it got me thinking....I never see EG scholars as nukers, mainly healers/buffers/etc, so what kind gear swaps do you guys do?

    1.) Nuke set?
    2.) Heal set?
    3.) Enfeeble?

    Again, this is to help me level my SCH to 75 and get a better idea of how a SCH should function while leveling, and again as an EG role

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    Re: Gear sets for SCH?

    You can get an idea of what a resist nuke set should look like from Kaeko's blog: Kanican - Scholar Guide (Part IV)
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      Re: Gear sets for SCH?

      offsite link to BG, but this should have the majority of my gearsets(in the spoiler), I think I forgot to include my Dark Magic set in there at the time but it's pretty straightfoward as well


      feel free to ask any questions about what I use where
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