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  • Merits thoughts

    Finally got SCH to 75 last week, but not really sure what I want to use SCH for in the future. What have I have enjoyed was playing as healer/buffer, though there's still a vague notion of using it to nuke stuff bouncing around in my head.

    Still need to get exp buffer first, but with lots of possible places to bring my SCH to (ZNM, Sky, Dynamis, more?), going to start looking at the blank slate that's my SCH merits. This is what I'm thinking, and planning on:

    Grimoire Recast: Originally this was what I wanted the most--greater flexibility in going back and forth. However, I've found myself not really wanting to switch between Light and Dark Arts very much, especially on /RDM where I'd always need to use a Stratagem charge for the Addendum just for -na spells.
    Current thought: 0

    Modus Veritas Duration: Though SE nerfed Modus Veritas stacking (on AV for sure, and perhaps other NMs?), it still seems to hold a lot of promise. Not out to kill AV myself, but if a few SCHs can wipe out the last 5~10% of some monster in basically one hit, it can make certain fights a lot safer, I'm sure.
    Current thought: 5

    Helix Magic Acc./Atk.: Goes with the Modus Veritas Duration merits, obviously.
    Current thought: 5

    Max Sublimation: Rather just bring some Hi-Ethers or even an Elixir if expecting MP to be tight enough for 10~50MP on maximum Sublimation charge to matter that much.
    Current thought: 0

    Altruism: Good for... White Magic debuffs? Can't really seem myself as SCH in situations where the group won't have a RDM for Paralyze and Slow where it'd be important and landable.
    Current thought: 0

    Focalization: This seems useful for fighting critters that SCH can't easily/reasonable cap magic accuracy on. Nukes, Bind, Gravity, and Helix can all benefit. (Of course, should have RDMs if Bind and Gravity is that important, so this is mostly for nuking things like Kirin.)
    Current thought: 4 or 5

    Tranquility & Equanimity: Two charges for less enmity seem like a lousy deal.
    Current thought: 0 for both

    Enlightenment: May be useful to occasionally use an Addendum spell without switching Art, use a one Strategem for Addendum, cast spell, then switch back and use another Strategem for Addendum. Can only think a few examples right now, though: putting up RR2 or giving R2 while in the middle of a nuking session. And, maybe Sleep II while in Light Arts (Sleep I already available from /RDM), or Dispel while Light Arts on /WHM (though, that's probably going to be rather rare).
    Current thought: 1 or 0

    Stormsurge: People rave about this, but can't seem to find much excitement with it myself. Picking this mostly because most other category two merits are even less eye catching.
    Current thought: 4 or 5

    Comments? Thoughts?

    * * *

    Took my un-merited (and very slim buffer'ed) SCH to Sky last night.

    Was kinda funny when the Groundskeeper Meltdown destroyed the other party while my own survived, mostly in white (not my fault the SMN didn't move when I ask party to gather for buffs. *shrug*). Yay for Accession Shell IV, Stoneskin, and Barfire. (However, it was a bit silly that the Meltdown went off with an alliance that had a PLD for Shield Bash, three BLMs for Stun--and killed most of the people in a party with WHM for Shellra V and Barfira, SMN for Earthen Ward, and a PLD for Rampart...)

    With Accession Phalanx added to Stoneskin and Barfire, worked pretty well for Suzaku's occasional -ga's as well. Seiryu's Dispelling Wind was a bit annoying, but at least it didn't spam it. Loved Accession Paralyna, of course.

    Oh, and Celerity + Erase was a blast. I should have started using that combo ages ago--silly 15 sec base recast. Ha!

    And maybe, just maybe, I may have enjoyed getting Despot mad at me after I decided to join the BLMs nuking. The melees running after Despot ('kited' by BLMs) didn't really need curing anyway.

    I'll remember to bring INT food next time.
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    Re: Merits thoughts

    Enlightenment isn't even worth one merit, you're still going to get penalized for the MP cost and casting time, you're just being given access to any spell. If I'm on nuke duty and someone has to be raised, they're getting an R1 or they're waiting for a WHM or when the fight ends.

    Second category was going to be full focalization and stormsurge merits.. Without the fifth merit on Stormsurge, there's not a real difference between 3 and 4 merits in it. Go for 5 here.

    Group 1 merits - totally up to you, though I'll say merit Helix no matter what since that's an exclusive spell line to SCH, just like the storm spells.

    I did go with sublimation merits in full, but that's because I was a tarutaru and we don't get as much out of sublimation and can't make sacrifices for HP gear to boost it.


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      Re: Merits thoughts

      Looks like you got it mostly right, though like BBQ said scrap Enlightenment.

      5/5 Helix & MV + 5/5 Focalization & Stormsurge.

      It can be charge-heavy, but it's pretty nice to pop Focalization + Ebullience with a Helix an on NM and then MV that sucker - even if it's just the start of the fight, I can't for the life of me see how a potentially 100+ /tic DoT is bad any way.



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        Re: Merits thoughts

        I went with 5 Helix/5 Modus, 5 Stormsurge, 1 Enlightenment/2 each of the Dark Arts abilities.

        The 2 DA abilities are things that I only use with Tabula Rasa up, since generally the fact that I've 2-houred at all means that I need every spell to count I like having the MAcc boost and the -Enmity so that I can possibly get another 1 or 2 in before the thing tries to eat me. Enlightenment is strictly in case I for some reason need to do an emergency Reraise or Sleep 2 and for some reason my Arts timers are shot.
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