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    Just curiouse if it safe to use the Wiki BLM guide to solo SCH. I know some of the nukes available to SCH Vs BLM are down played by a few lvl's but if you have the slight adjust ment do you think it should work out fine.

    My SCH is sitting at Lvl 30 and I am trying to get it to 37 quickly... and to be frank about it I am tired of seeing Qufim Island and being restricked to lvl 21-24 again and again.

    My SMN needs his sublmi...

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    Re: SCH Solo

    Yes, it is. I forgot the link but the name was "Kaeko" and this person did it as stated on their blog.

    EDIT: nevermind, found it: Kanican

    And the direct link to the article I was thinking about: Kanican - Scholar Guide (Part II)

    EDIT 2: Actually upon re-reading it, it said nothing about solo EXP to 75, but I know this player did do SCH to 75.
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      Re: SCH Solo

      cool thanks much


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        Re: SCH Solo

        It works a little for the lower levels but it gets much, much more difficult as you level up trust me. SCH lacks the Magic Attack Bonnus BLM has so it can't abuse /NIN the same way BLM does making things much more difficult.

        I'm not saying don't bother, just don't expect the same kind of EXP a BLM gets when soloing BST pets because SCH just can't keep pace with BLM solo.



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          Re: SCH Solo

          The main difficulties with the BLM solo guide applied to SCH:
          1) You need to sub BLM to get MAB at earlier levels, and this leaves you without defensive spells. Could still sub NIN for Utsusemi but then you have to survive for more nukes to kill.
          2) SCH doesn't get native debuffs. In particular, the loss of Sleep tends to be a bit of an issue for some circumstances.

          Certainly wouldn't say it can't be done, but it's harder, and you might not be able to start as early as a result.
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            Re: SCH Solo

            SCH gets Sleep at 30 and Sleep II at 65 with Addendum: Dark up, and really when BST pet soloing there's no reason to not be in Dark Arts with the Addendum up. SCH takes more nukes to kill the same things than BLM does yes, but you have a native form of MP restoral, and large MP savings between Penury/Dark Arts, as well as the ability to use Celerity to quickly fire off a Sleep or finishing nuke when in trouble. SCH can solo BST pets just fine.

            I would probably sub NIN from 24 until 68, at which point you can change to /RDM and get a slight MAB boost as well as solid defensive spells.
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              Re: SCH Solo

              Soloing at that level I just found to be a royal pain in the ass. If possible, team up with some friends and go out to Grauberg (S) (by way of North Gustaberg (S)) and work on the worms there. Unfortunately, there's no way to counteract the Rasp spells they'll toss out you, but with a couple of friends, you should be able to kill them fast enough and for worthwhile EXP til about 35, then you'll have your Sublimation.

              In general, I advise against soloing SCH, its just too slow and painful. That all changes at 68 with all the goodies a /RDM sub can give you, but it doesn't really change much before then. Sure, you could take out BST pets, but you're not the only one that's going to have that idea. Everyone and thier grandmother hunts that BST gob's rabbit in the middle of Bibiki Bay. Especially BLUs.

              Things get better around 40+ and when you get to the highest levels, while SCHs may be overlooked for the healer slot often (I don't really see why other than RDM being a haste bitch), you'll have little trouble soloing or teaming up for manaburns at high level.

              Also, Callisto, you confused Celerity with Alacrity. Same effect, but Alacrity would be for Dark Arts.

              Finally, there is no "k" in "restricted."


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                Re: SCH Solo

                Ya I started to solo the only gobbie pet in bibiky that is available to a Lvl 30 mage. Killed it wil shadows up Stone II >> Thunder >> Bliz. NP. just the only drawback is the lil hair that hangs around and the fact that there is only 1 of these mobs to camp. and with the MP concervation u have at this level the xp can't be chain'd and will be a slow process. I think I will have to check out Wiki or Atlas for another zone that has more beastmasters in it. And yes that MAB BLM gets is a huge benefit. which makes me think SCH solo is about a few lvls behind BLM in terms of camp locations. and by then the xp will sux monkey nuts. :-(


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                  Re: SCH Solo

                  Unfortunately, there's no way to counteract the Rasp spells they'll toss out you
                  /Blu and Metallic Body does it.

                  Might not be the ideal solo sub, but worms always tend to Rasp me as they die, and since I normally have about 30ish mp when they die, it does let me get an early, if a bit weak, form of Stoneskin.

                  And myself personally, I wouldn't care if I was seeing a particular zone over and over, with the exception of Valkurm. It's easy to get skillups for mages. Either hit a Besieged or hit a Campaign battle, and spam Cures or Nukes or whatever.

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                    Re: SCH Solo

                    Thank you for posting Kanican's Scholar guide. Yay!

                    I've been duo'ing with my husband for the most part if I can't find a party. Last night, we spent a couple of hours in Vunker Inlet [S] and killed beetles. We did pretty darn well with chaining the beetles and I got two level's up. I think his dragon, Wuffi, was the hero of it all. Hehe.

                    I am now a level 45 Scholar. Yay! :D

                    EDIT: I level sync'd with my husband's dragoon level 33. I forgot to mention that part. ^^
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