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A Question About Unlocking?

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  • A Question About Unlocking?

    Someone said FFXI Wiki was wrong in it stated about the rolanberries? Im just wondering from anyone whos unlocked it. Can it not be done this way? Was he right and me a fool?

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    Re: A Question About Unlocking?

    Wiki is correct.
    Ellipses on Fenrir
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      Re: A Question About Unlocking?

      What i did to unlock the job.

      Since I didnt have lvl30 on 1 of these jobs (RDM,BLM,SMN and BLU) i was told that you can't unlock the job, since you need to be lvl 30 to unlock the job.

      What i did...
      1. Dont forget to Buy a Stack of 12 of Venum (if im correct, some sort of parchemin)

      2. Take Any lvl 30+ job (does not have to be BLM,RDM,SMN or BLU)

      3. Go in the past to Batallia down [S]

      4. Go to the Necropolis (thats in Batalia, way down south).

      5. Do the fist 2 cutscene : First one - just need to talk to one NPC in Necropolis (forgot his name) then, for the second cutscene, trade your 12 Vennum to the same NPC.

      6. So basicaly, you have done 2 cutscene out of 3 cutscene total.

      (optional Steps, those concerns players like me who doesn't have BLM,RDM,SMN or BLU at LEast LVL30.
      7. Warp back and change your job to either BLM,RDM,SMN or BLU ( no matter what level you are, you can complete the quest as a BLM lvl 1....

      8. Go back in the past ( if needed, someone with sneak+invisible to walk you to Necropolis is good to have.) and zone in Necropolis.

      9. Talk to the same guy, do your 2 hours ability, talk to the same NPC and Quest completed. You can now become a Scholar!