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The SCH CoP Experience thus far...

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  • The SCH CoP Experience thus far...

    Since before the update, I've been toying around with SCH in various CoP missions, some I needed, some just helping friends. So far I'd say the job starts to shine around the 40 caps, particularly given its adjusted abilities now, but even before then, 40 seemed to be where it starts.

    Before Ebullience, the experience has was largely as a healer role and mostly /WHM. Now, keep in mind, I've only done SCH 50+, but I'm just going off my extensive history and struggles with CoPs. /RDM comes into play on uncapped, I recommend /WHM before uncapped, personally.

    Sacrarium (50 cap) as a healer was largely no problem, which I pretty much approached the same fashion I had previously as a RDM. The ability to Accession Regen II, however, was a major bonus and well worth the MP spent.

    The Mine Shaft BC (60 cap) was a bit more of a versatile experience. Part Crowd Control, Part healing, Part nuking. We didn't have a BLM on hand, though we did have a RDM, so initially I just nuked and then shifted to Accession buffs and healing as needed. Curing under Dark Arts is never too much of an issue so long as you keep it to the first three tiers of Cure.

    Airship (60 cap) was done as BRD, BLM, SCH, BLU, NIN and RDM. BLU and SCH. If BLUs made this fight easy, BLU with Spiral Spin and a SCH makes it even easier. As SCH I was totally able to keep the backline protected with Stoneskin and Blink from /WHM. SCH gaining access to Stona was also a huge boost for the fight and being able to stack Accession on it was useful for the couple instances where both the BLU and NIN got petrified.

    Tonight, I did the 8-3 pot fight. I was somewhat dismayed that I didn't really get to put SCH's crowd control skills to work on this one, but took advantage of the nuking side of the job. I was 72 and had I been 75 for Thunder IV and Blizzard IV, my experience probably would have been a bit more impressive, but using Klimaform and passing a Thunderstorm to BLM on Lightningsday was good boost in itself.

    It was actually the promathia fight that was a bit more dicey. Maybe it was just the setup we had (too much kiting), but I found even with Stoneskin/Phalanx that SCH took quite a beating for taking a healer approach against Promathia. Didn't help our RDM was a nimrod that wouldn't refresh me - that's the least of my complaints about him, he was obnoxiously mouthy and a backseat driver to boot.

    Promathia's AoEs and Dispelgas make the use of Sublimation completely impractical, so Refresh/Ballad/Evoker's is a must here.. We won, but only narrowly, so I hope to test this one out for SCH again at 75 with a better setup. Enduring that RDM alone was worth the cost of a Tamas Ring.

    Next on the agenda is helping a friend with Ulmia's Path, Mithran Trackers in particular as I'll probably still burn down Snoll Tzar as RNG. I see SCH's crowd control abilities really helping the Mithran Trackers fight, though, hopefully I'll be able to report the experience back later. I may also hop on an Ouryu run since LS members seem to need it.
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    Re: The SCH CoP Experience thus far...

    Any fun updates on those events?
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