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    Re: Solo faster?

    lol. FTFM

    lol@shatlog aka William Shatner Captain's log... stardate.................................

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      Re: Solo faster?

      I would expect them to behave the same way as weaponskills. Normal attacks can still proc during the middle of a WS animation, right?
      Correct. I believe WS only really stall you during the "Ready" phase which is probably just half a second or less.
      I noticed that while using a step directly AFTER an attack round, X remained unchanged. However... when using a step just BEFORE an attack round, X was extended by about 1 second each time. This is what leads me to believe that if I time my steps correctly... they don't cause any delay in my attacks... but used at the right time... they cause a minor one.

      That being said... I still have yet to see attack information come into the shat log during a step animation... so if it has to be one or the other... I would venture to say that it does in fact delay your attacks while the step is prepared and used.
      The way the chat log works, a damage message won't show up until the animation that goes with it ends. You can see this with WS: the damage gets done and your TP gets updated as soon as it starts, but it won't show the damage in the chat log until the animation ends. Same with nukes. If you skip the animation altogether (by blinking from gear swaps) then it shows up in the chat log immediately since there's no animation to play.

      My guess is that they're near-instant based on the fact that your delay between rounds stays roughly the same if you time it right after an attack. The dance animation must be interfering with the attack's chat log message when you dance right before the hit, but you could confirm when the hit is landing by looking at your TP or the mob's HP and checking when they change.


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        Re: Solo faster?

        Originally posted by Taskmage View Post
        I would expect them to behave the same way as weaponskills. Normal attacks can still proc during the middle of a WS animation, right? Would be easy to test by a SMN with Garland of oh-my-god-when-is-this-fruity-animation-ever-going-to-end-gaahhhhhhhh Bliss.
        Attacks proceed while the step animation is going, and you can even cut or skip said animation altogether using another ability or simply casting something right after using the step.

        The Samba, Waltz, step combo is what I use while soloing (DNC main), and while an attack does not proceed right when the step is taking place (delays it for a fraction of a second just like when using a WS) it is negligible enough to not affect your lolweakdaggerswings much, if at all.
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          Re: Solo faster?

          Originally posted by Mhurron View Post
          Then Bio III and Poison II. Gear that increases Dark and Enhancing Skill. Level to 90.

          /SCH for -10% MP cost under the right Arts might be a possibility.
          Level 90, of course! I knew I was missing something, or ten somethings as the case may be.

          I still think Bio III is a waste of merits however.
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            Re: Solo faster?

            Originally posted by LeonstrifeLEV View Post
            maybe /bst then? Or /pup but I've never heard of /pup being used for anything and I've been to lazy to try it out myself.
            /bst (assuming fully leveled bst) is a good choice... but only where you can charm stuff, which means NOT abyssea.

            /pup is generally pretty weak. The only two things I can think of are 1) for healing when leveling a subjob and 2) to make L2 skill chains for weapon latent breaking.
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            >not having all jobs at 99

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