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  • Melee gearset at 55

    Holy Sword-chucking Mages Batman, a melee RDM thread!

    First off, what I'm aiming for isn't a "I want to swing my sword in the party" setup. My goal is to be able to take on Dark Spark at level 55 as a RDM/BLU. While it's probably not my brightest idea, I want to see it through to the end properly which of course means completely overhauling my gear.

    Now I've done enough poking around to know that for melee combat the primary stats to gun for are(in no particular order): Accuracy, Attack and Haste.

    At my level Haste options are extremely limited, expensive or involve taking down NMs I can't be bothered camping.

    So far my gear has been most constructed with partying in mind, so I need some advice with how to beef up my sword-chucking build and possibly some general theory for how to prioritize Accuracy, Attack, Haste and maybe Evasion when putting together a melee build for solo play. I know for playing with others Evasion isn't as important because there will hopefully be a tank or at least a designated MP sponge.

    Let's start by tossing up the gearset I currently have and see what can be further fleshed out:

    So this is what I've actually been meleeing in. Tragic, I know.

    Sword: Knight's Sword
    Shield: Hard Shield

    Head: Crow Beret
    Neck: Black Silk Neckerchief
    Earring: Morion Earring x2
    Body: Brigandine Armor
    Hands: Guerilla Gloves
    Ring: Knowledge Rings and Saintly Rings...+INT/+MND respectively
    Back: Red Cape +1
    Belt: Mercenary Captain's Belt
    Legs: Magic Cuisses
    Feet: Warlock's Boots or Rambler's Gaiters

    Clearly there's room for improvement, but again I'm a little shaky on what to prioritize for a fight with a hard hitting NM. I've scoped out some potential upgrades to my current gearset and I'm hoping you guys can make some suggestions as to what works, doesn't work, and what I've overlooked.

    Gear to acquire

    So there it is. My list of stuff I think will help me to turtle up with Coccoon as I beat up Dark Spark. Help?
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    Re: Melee gearset at 55

    Originally posted by cidbahamut View Post
    Precision Bandana: Yay for Accuracy, boo for 90k price-tag

    I had no idea anything that I just nabbed off an NM one day was anywhere near worth that much!

    Originally posted by cidbahamut View Post
    Tiger Stole: I don't know of anything else to put in here.
    Focus Collar. Heck, I even have the HQ for that, considering it wasn't as disproportionately overpriced in comparison to the NQ as most crafted items are. At least from where I was standing at the time. I'd use at least that over Tiger Stole.

    My two gil.
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      Re: Melee gearset at 55

      Ooh, I missed Focus Collar. Thank you for pointing that out. I'll definitely try to pick one up as gil permits.

      I went ahead and picked up War Hose last night. They're stylish, they have +accuracy, and they only show up on the AH once in a blue moon. Dropping the gil for them is what it took to get me rolling I guess. I spent the rest of the night camping NMs for gear/gil and landed myself a Beseiger Mantle. Not top of the line, but it'll do for now.
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      Occupation: Reckless Red Mage
      Name: Drjones
      Blog: Mediocre Mage


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        Re: Melee gearset at 55

        lvl57 but whatever
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          Re: Melee gearset at 55

          Sword: Royal Guard Fluret
          Offhand: Sentinel Shield if you can, if not, Master Shield (Royal Guard Fluret see note)
          Head: Empress hairpin if you can, if not pretty well anything
          Neck: PCC if you can, if not Spike Necklace.
          Ears: Fangx2
          Body: Jaridah (or the +1) or Brigadine are best bets
          Rings: Woodsmans x2
          Back: Accura mantle, or anything with STR or ATK
          Waist: Headlong Belt
          Pants: Republic Subligar
          Feet: Anything really
          Hands: Jaridah, or Battle Gloves.

          *Note, IMO at 55 you may be better of going as /DNC over /BLU. This will allow you to keep on aspir samba or drain samba, as well as a +10 to ACC, Cocoon just wont cut it I don't think in terms of all the "free" HP and MP you can get, not to mention this will give you more ACC. However the trade off is losing vorpal blade.

          An alternative could be to go in an ACC + MP build and use ceremonial daggers, if you can get an - ATK or -STR gear you can get your D done to 0 and just kill the target with enspells and dots, while feeding 0 TP.

          So for outright melee, you want ACC>Haste>ATK>STR, for a tickle (cdagger) you want ACC>Haste>-ATK>-STR

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