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RDM gear 40-50 Gimp or decent?

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  • RDM gear 40-50 Gimp or decent?

    Need advice on Gear from you experienced RDM's out there please

    I've been running around with Centurions set on for months - Here's what I've got to take me to Genkai 1

    Shield - Royal Squires Shield
    Sword - Buzzards Tuck (have not yet done the AF sword quest, soon tho)
    Ammo - Morion Tathlum
    Head - Electrum Hairpin
    Neck - Mohbwa Scarf +1
    Body - Royal Squires Robe
    Hands - Ogygos Bracelets (I already had them)
    Waist - Qiqirn Sash +1
    Legs - Combat Casters Slacks
    Feet - Combat Casters Shoes
    Back - Aurora Mantle
    Here's where it gets really weak
    Earrings - Geist and Enhancing earings
    Rings - Electrum Ring - Mana Ring

    OK - will this get me through the AF quests and Genkai - as I do the AF quests I can replace items with the AF if they are better - Also the RSE which I haven't gotten yet, but I DO know it's out there.

    Suggestions? Opinions? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: RDM gear 40-50 Gimp or decent?

    Its actually alot better than most of the mid-higher level Red Mages I have seen. Alot of the best Red Mage gear can't be bought, and isn't obtainable until 75 (Goliard, Warlocks(Some pieces lol), Nashira, etc, so don't worry about it really. You are doing a good job so far. Don't really worry about any serious gear swapping until 75 really, besides of course Staves 51+, MND for healing, HMP, Haste gear for spells like Haste, etc.

    But yeah, your doing fine, don't worry too much about it.

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