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  • choosing a job

    Hey whats up guys i really need someone to tell if rdm is a good job to level up i just cant decide on a job i started drk and stop at level 21 switch ro rdm and did the same with bard so can some advised me or recommend a job that i would have fun with please some write something let me know.

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    Re: choosing a job

    it's really up to you what job will be fun what type of things you aiming for in a job?
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      Re: choosing a job

      I think we have at least 10 thread this week that asked the same thing. Try look around the Rdm forum.
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        Re: choosing a job

        what i did is lvled a bunch of the starting jobs up to 10, i found one i liked- BLM. Of course that got me hooked on RDM i got that to 75 now thinking of blm again