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    is there an easy way or trick to keeping both magic and ranged skill up without never falling too far behind

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    Re: skill ups

    What type of magic skills are you trying to skill up, as well as ranged?
    For ranged, get the cheapest ammo you can buy (Usually wooden arrows for 5 gil each, from a shop.), and just spam them on level appropriate targets. Just make sure you have a way to keep your self alive such as Utsusemi, self heals, or some one to be your cure bot.

    For magic, if its offensive, such as enfeebling, or nuking, same with the ranged. If its defensive such as enhancing, and healing, just be some one's cure bot for a while, or just sit there and cast the spells on your self over and over.


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      Re: skill ups

      lol you do relize this is the pup forum

      the puppet is the one who will need to skill up his ranged and magic which can't be done at the same time


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        Re: skill ups

        Oh shi-.... Never mind... I don't look at the forum its placed in really... Just ignore my post haha.


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          Re: skill ups

          its ok at least you replied no one else has yet =)


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            Re: skill ups

            Find a mob that doesnt normally aggro to you.

            then you can try the macro

            /pet "Deploy" <t>
            /wait 1
            /pet "Retrieve" <me>
            /wait 1
            /pet "Deactivate" <me>

            If all goes to plan your automaton should fire off a shot/cast a spell. It will run away a little bit and disappear.
            Provided all has gone well you should have 0 hate the mob not angry and if your automaton didnt get hit you should be able to Activate straight away. You can do this once per minute.

            There's a few videos on youtube on pup raising magic skill. One idea is to use the afflictors in Beadeaux with your pup throwing Cursna at you constantly.

            I only recently hit 30 on pup the other day so I'm still new to it. I hope that helps though

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              Re: skill ups

              What do you mean by "keeping track"? Just switch to stormwaker/valoredge/sharpshot frame+head and check the skill level in the automaton equipment screen. If you have merits, you will need to deduct those before checking the "combat skills" page on wiki.

              These are the caps at level 90 for various combinations:

              Valoredge/Valoredge = 354/0/0 = A-/0/0
              Sharpshot/Sharpshot = 315/354/0 = C+/A-/0
              Soulsoother/Stormwaker = 310/0/361 = C/0/A+
              Spiritreaver/Stormwaker = 310/0/361 = C/0/A+

              Valoredge/Spiritreaver = 315/0/341 = C+/0/B+
              Valoredge/Harlequin = 335/325/325 = B/B-/B-
              Stormwaker/Stormwaker = 315/0/354 = C+/0/A-
              Stormwaker/Valoredge = 354/0/201 = A-/0/G

              Once you're at least 65 or so, you can go to Beadeaux and do the cursna trick to cap magic. PUP/WHM auto-regen and an Orochi Nodowa will help keep you from dying too easily. Don't bother to cap the last 10-20 points or so until you hit the level cap (currently 90), because those points will go much faster after you've leveled more.
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              >not having all jobs at 99

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                Re: skill ups

                i quoted myself b/c i guess you didn't read it right i never said anything about keeping track of it

                i asked on how to keep them both skilled up without getting behind

                edit quote not show but you can scroll up and reread anyhow


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                  Re: skill ups

                  No…there is no trick to keep skills up. You’ll probably notice a large amount of pups don’t have their rng skilled up. It can be time consuming.

                  I leveled pup long before abyssea and the majority of it was soloing FoV pages. As Pup/War with Whm frame, I was able to keep my magic skill at a healthy level most of the time. Gets easier to do as you get higher cures.

                  As for Rng frame. I changed to Pup/dnc and did easy pages where I didn’t need as much curing. I also made sure that after I deployed my puppet, I pulled the mob out of his melee range to minimize his hate. That’s probably less important now but at the time I didn’t have the deux JA (the 1 min timer one).

                  At higher levels (before abyssea), I got a lot of my Rng skill ups from working on ToM weapons. The Pet: MAB H2H one skill counts if you kill with arrows. That and the Double Attack+10 H2H one helped a ton seeing as you need to kill like…2,000 mobs ><.

                  Then at top levels (76+), I skilled them all in abyssea during xp/cruor parties. In alliances I didn’t have much to worry about since my puppet rarely got hate with 10 melees on a mob. Eventually I went solo/duo and used good Regen & Rng Acc atmas, which we’re very helpful.

                  Once you're at least 65 or so, you can go to Beadeaux and do the cursna trick to cap magic.
                  I didn’t like this method. I felt I got higher skill ups with enfeebs on mobs closer to my level. But it does work if you want to go afk for short amounts of time. Besieged is also an option but i didn’t think it helped much either.
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