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  • ? on PuP solo

    Hi everyone is solo lvling w/ a PuP viable from 1-75... and would i just goto the same spots i did on my BST ( only 65 ) and kill the same mobs. Also how hard a mob should i target to lvl off of EP-DC DC-EM EM-T T-VT. Right now ( lvl 20 ) i can chain EM-T's will this stay true as i continue to lvl up?

    Thanks for your input


    P.S i looked around for a while for a post on this, if there is 1 and i missed it im sorry

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    Re: ? on PuP solo

    A pup can solo from 1-75 with ease, with right attachment setup can solo Ts all the way 75. If you attach mana booster and tactical processor, I've heard some people soloing the occasional VT but I have not personally tried it
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      Re: ? on PuP solo

      Yeah, I met another pup on Caedarva Mire when doing the Turbo Animator quest, who told me he soloed everything from 1-40 (but he also has Merits on H2H) but anyways I think it was great...
      The day before I tried to go solo some birds at bibiki bay with the advice of a BST of my LS... he told me he used to fight there birds at dock... but those were DC/EM for me so I didn't get lots of exp... That was because I wanted already to hit 40 and I wasn't getting invites

      A solo 1-75 guide with some tips on attachments would be more than appreciated, because PUP has indeed a great solo potential


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        Re: ? on PuP solo

        Does anyone have a lvl 1-75 solo guide for pup yet?


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          Re: ? on PuP solo

          While not necessarily complete, there are a few pseudo-guides. Most of them weren't made with puppetmaster in mind, but they work nonetheless.

          PUP vs Goblin Pets (think BLM soloing guide)
          Solo Leveling with PUP (tough to find exactly what to kill when, mostly for lower levels and 60+)

          You can also follow a Summoner soloing guide without too much trouble, I would think (this link for 50+ summoners), or even a BST guide, just hit the camps a couple levels after a BST would (with some common sense, of course -- don't do bomb camps, for example).

          Ultimately, I've found that duoing is actually a lot better (with a BST or DRg, preferably), where the BST pet (or DRG) can hold hate easier than you could over your puppet.
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            Re: ? on PuP solo

            I'm completely confused about frames and attachments. What is the best frame and attachments to solo with? Do I tank, or does the puppet? How do I (or the puppet) heal? Is 1-25 monk the best subjob then warrior?


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              Re: ? on PuP solo

              Isn't PUP solo'ing mostly relying on damage from the master and cure/convert from Automaton? If that's the case, wouldn't a PUP who solos from Lv.1-75 will have a severely underskilled Automaton for nuking and range attack?
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                Re: ? on PuP solo

                I know that at lower level, Automaton cures are not big enough to rely on without some sort of backup. From 1-20 I went with a "sharing" strategy and PUP/WHM so I could cure myself. I used melee frame with dual Auto-repair Kits. If Harley could take a bit of a beating though, he would be a better choice since he can cast and melee as well. You don't get White Turban for a long time.


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                  Re: ? on PuP solo

                  I've been doing worm soloing in the teen levels.

                  This is a helpful link in figuring out how to maneuver your automaton for soloing against Even Match-Tough worms:
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                    Re: ? on PuP solo

                    Generally the attachments you use won't change much between party and solo play, it's more about which frame to use. From 1-10 you will be using your Harlequin frame and hate is pretty well divided between you and your automaton (speaking from a mithra and without top-notch attachments). Once you reach level 10 you get to choose one of three new frames, Valoredge being the only effective tank and most useful when soloing. However, its ability to tank decreases as your level goes up. Sharpshot makes a great choice for early party camps, and Stormwaker is probably the most well-rounded frame and can work for both party and solo situations.

                    I'm not sure what you mean by "heal" but your automaton will rest whenever you rest. Even if its in battle it will stop to rest. Your automaton will learn Cure when its magic skill reaches 12 (possible after you reach lvl 4) and Cure II at magic skill of 45 (possible after lvl 16 with Harlequin, lvl 14 with Stormwaker). Your automaton will cast Cure if your HP falls below a certain percentage. You can look at Damage Gauge to review the different conditions for curing.

                    Both monk and warrior can work from 1-25. It depends on whether you are soloing or not. If you are in a party then I would say monk for the martial arts trait and since you won't be needing provoke very often. For solo, on the other hand, you may want to use warrior instead so that if your automaton takes unwanted hate you can provoke the mob. And of course /WAR can work for parties as well and /MNK can work for solo. Use whichever you find the most useful for the situation.
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                      Re: ? on PuP solo

                      I have solo'd to level 44 (almost, 160 tnl) on Pup and have done most of it with Storm frame and head. I have no merits, and am using /WAR. It has only taken me about 2.5 months, and have really enjoyed it...

                      I haven't been able to find a guide, a few suggestions on various sites, but have mainly looked for mobs in same level range. Got my Sharpshot as my third frame/head upgrade and just decided to level it...took me about 8 hours to go from 19/129 to 120/129 ranged skill...most of the time in Qauf Island on Acrophies...great level ups. Started in the Maze on worms, but left there at 60 and went to the Island for the bulk of it.

                      Has been fun and a bit of work, I fight along side Lobo to get TP build and then use Accubalista with inhibitor...great skill ups.

                      Am now looking for where to go from 44 to 48, someone told me at 48 to go after Colibri in East Ron (s)...still downloading upgrade so we shall see. If anyone has suggestions on solo from 44 to 48 locations, with attachments suggestions and gear suggestions, please let me know...

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