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So what's everyone subbing these days?

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  • So what's everyone subbing these days?

    When I do a /sea all pup, I get a variety of SJs. Many are /war or /whm, and i see some with /brd and /blm, and I get few with /mnk. I remember in the beginning people were inclined to subbing monk, but now I don't know it seems like everything has changed. What's everyone subbing these days? I'd like a list of benefits for yours if you could, and I'd like a sit maybe I could go to for a guide. Thanks in advance

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    Re: So what's everyone subbing these days?

    I go /whm for enfeebling + healing


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      Re: So what's everyone subbing these days?

      Subjobs should always be decided based on your situation.

      PUP/WHM gives you cures and enfeebles that won't be resisted too often if you're low level, but the higher level you get (and the higher level monster you're fighting) the less chance you'll have to actually land something like paralyze.

      PUP/RDM - see PUP/WHM, only with less MP and better chance at enfeebling. And phalanx/dispel at higher levels.

      PUP/WAR gives you berserk after level 30 PUP. As well as a 10 point DEF bonus at level 20 PUP, and a 10 point attack bonus at 60 PUP. Warcry at 70/35, and of course double attack at 50/25.

      PUP/MNK gives you less delay on your hand to hand attacks at certain levels. I'm not sure what levels PUP gets martial arts I at (and if they get martial arts II), but MNK gets the base skill at level 1, the next version at 15 or 16, and martial arts III at 30/31. The first martial arts is a rather large delay reduction, and the other upgrades are 20 delay less each.
      Subbing MNK also gives you access to level 30 items. The cestus belt gives +5 hand to hand skill, allowing you to use weapon skills earlier, plus adding +5 accuracy and attack. I'm unsure how potent the "enhances martial arts effect" is on the mantle, but there's nothing too good to wear on the back at 30 anyway if you're looking to do more damage.

      BLM sub - Warp/traveling. Resisted nuke spells due to no natural elemental magic skill and lack of MP (despite the surprisingly high amount of mage gear that PUP's are given).

      BRD sub - For attempting to make PUP more of a support role. I'm unsure how well this would play out in parties. My first instinct says "not very well".

      In parties, I personally would go with PUP/MNK until 50, then /WAR to 75. Possibly subbing something DRG or RNG instead of MNK before 30 if it means I don't lose out on martial arts traits. (If PUP gets martial arts I before level 30.) I'd also consider /MNK at 75 if it meant I could use asuran fists, but I don't think that's possible for a PUP.

      Solo... I'd probably go with WHM (or RDM at higher levels) or NIN if the automaton couldn't hold hate off of me or if we were sharing hate. Maybe something more damage oriented if I'm trying to tank and the puppet would be healing me. RDM sub seems like a decent option when you can cast phalanx, although it would be pretty weak since PUP don't have enhancing magic skill.
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        Re: So what's everyone subbing these days?

        Cool thanks Tirrock and Zauth, that was really helpful! I think I'll just experiment myself and see where that leads me ^^