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  • Best Food for Nin

    List your fav food you use as Nin. Also any suggestions are always welcome.

    I personally use and started using Arrabbiato +1
    HP+17% STR+5 VIT+2 INT-7 Attack+23% Store TP+5 Resist Sleep

    Best food I've used so far thru the jungles the resist sleep really kicks in from what i've experienced.

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    Re: Best Food for Nin

    wow, nice food

    IMHO, food choice should combo with gear setup.

    When I level NIN during the Jungles level, I don't think Arrabbiato even existed (or no one is selling them in AH). I was at the time before sushi was introduced to the game.

    My favorite food until level 37 was Jack'o-Lantern.
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      Re: Best Food for Nin

      back in the days... (ive been saying that a lot lately) it was jack-o-lanterns or meat mithkabobs. nowadays, its sole sushi in merit pts. i ate meat a couple times in a merit pt and its just crap when your accuracy dip and it kills ur tp gain.

      arribiato might be good if you are xping on IT++ mobs, the added hp and str is nice.

      food has come a long way.

      navarin is also a nice food to use. pretty good all around food for nins in xp mode.
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        Re: Best Food for Nin

        before i stopped playing, i was really big on dorado sushi. i liked the enmity.


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          Re: Best Food for Nin

          Originally posted by Omni View Post
          food has come a long way.

          navarin is also a nice food to use. pretty good all around food for nins in xp mode.
          Food may have came a long way, but Navarin falls short somewhere in the Lv.30's. Its attack+27% percent is capped at 30@111, and it's a bit of waste if the party doesn't last 2+ hours (since it's a 3 hour food).

          At 40k a piece (30 min/per serving), Arrabbiato makes Dorado Sushi (27k/stack--6 hrs worth) looks like the bargain bento box stuffers for starving Ninja's.
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            Re: Best Food for Nin

            I used Dorado Sushi forever, but now I pretty much use Sole Sushi in experience parties.


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              Re: Best Food for Nin

              Food always depends on ur gear/merits (if you had any) so let's say that your current gear build is STR+ATT what kind of food will you need? evasion and accuracy!
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