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Early information about Geomancer

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  • Early information about Geomancer

    This is a collection of the early information revealed about Geomancer.

    The following is from Elmer - his original article is posted here.

    The Geomancer is a support Job that can buff party members and enfeeble enemies using some interesting new mechanics.

    On a basic level, Geomancer functions similar to Bard. Like Bards with their instruments, Geomancers will equip bells and have a Geomancy skill and a bell skill. The combined level of these two skills will determine how effective their abilities are. Again, like a Bard without an instrument, a Geomancer can wield their power without the use of a bell, but it will reduce the effectiveness.

    For party members, Geomancers can grant effects like regen, refresh and regain, or boost different parameters like STR, DEX, AGI, and so on. Against enemies, they can inflict slow, and paralysis, or other debuffs, like magic defense down or evasion down. The developers also indicated they were looking into other unique buffs and debuffs to further set the job apart, but such additions were still being proposed and tested.

    Two features were also introduced for Geomancer: Polarity and Luopan. Polarity is a trait that lets the player boost their own abilities based on where they stand relative to the enemy. North for magic attack bonus, South for magic accuracy bonus, East for recast timer reduction, and West for a bonus to magic critical rate.

    Luopan, which in the art of feng shui are compass boards used to measure the flow of spiritual energy, are something the player can place to create an area of effect in a location of their choice. Theoretically, the Geomancer can center a Refresh Luopan AoE where the backline mages stand, or place a Regain Luopan on top of the heavy hitters. Luopan with enfeebling effects can also be placed strategically around the enemy.

    However, the Luopan will have HP and can be destroyed by enemy attacks, so its positioning will be critical to its effectiveness.