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Best sub for soloing?

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    Re: Best sub for soloing?

    When I first started soloing, I was using /dnc a lot because I didn't have my AF Helm, not to mention I wasn't too good with macroing and using healing breath, not to mention all the extra gear slots that increases HB.

    From my experience, I always used /blu after watching a youtube video of Gaiden, he was pure awesomesauceness. From then I've been destroying NMs and strong mobs for no reason, and just because I could do it.

    Pretty much now what I use is still /blu (currently 85DRG/41BLU), once I fix my desktop, I'll go for the 90 cap. Even with the 1 min timer of using HB or a BA, /dnc is still far from even being close to the same level of using /mage. You can have your 1 HB per min, while i'll be knocking back at least 4 or 5 500HP+ HB (700+ every 2 or 3, or 900+ on a real good one or my personal favorite 1.3k in Abyssea) in a min.

    Not to mention it all matters on skills. Your either a BADASS, Awesome, Good, Average, or you suck type of DRG, pick one.
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