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How do I get the dragoon job quest?

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  • How do I get the dragoon job quest?

    I checked the wiki ffxiclopedia and it said to talk to Arminibit and Ceraulian.
    Well I did and I got nothing, but them telling me to go away. I also talked to Novalmauge
    and he told me to go away as well. What am I missing here? Why cant I start the quest?

    I'm lvl 30 and I can enter the Chateau. Why can't I be a dragoon?
    Does it matter that I'm from Windurst and on mission 2-3 still? Is not being rank 3 keeping me
    from acquiring the quest? Or is there some other NPC I have to talk to? I'm so lost... -_-

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    Re: How do I get the dragoon job quest?

    The Holy Crest - FFXIclopedia, the Final Fantasy XI wiki - Characters, items, jobs, and more

    You need to at least have started 2-3 if you're from Windurst or Bastok.

    It sounds like you haven't followed the walkthrough. There should be a cutscene in Bostaunieux Oubliette that leads you to talk to Morjean in the Cathedral in the North San d'Oria. You'll then go out to find an egg (buy pickaxes) from Maze of Shakarami.


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      Re: How do I get the dragoon job quest?

      The only thing the mission really concerns is whether or not you have access to the Chateau(if you weren't far enough into the missions you couldn't get in to talk to them).

      It's probably something to do with needing more fame in Sandy.

      Did you actually trigger any dialogue when they told you to bugger off? I seem to recall there being a discussion about wyvern eggs that was very hush-hush and they won't openly talk to you about it, but meh.

      It's 2AM. I'll just defer to someone who know what the hell they're talking about.
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        Re: How do I get the dragoon job quest?

        Thank you for your reply's but I just got done talking to a GM and now I know the problem.
        My expansions were not registered (my 14 day trial ended only 2 days ago). So after fixing that
        I have the quest now. Thanks anyways.