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Dark Knights are so emo...

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  • Dark Knights are so emo...

    This may have been posted before but I couldn't find so, meh.

    Warning; some lyrics may not be apropriate for younger children.

    Song can be downloaded here: Dark Knight Song


    This song goes out to all the dark knights out their living through the strife of being called emo behind their backs. You know your just Evil, Theres no such thing as Emo. This Songs for you!

    So you got your scythe and your chargin into the fight
    You pop a guillotine and tell that monster goodnight
    because your bringing all the damage and your bringing all the hate
    Because you know you are the keeper of Vanadiels Fate.

    You pop your last resort and your soul eater, you SATA up a weapon skill and cause a bleeder. And then you end up gettin hate and you instantly die and the tanks are always like...
    I hate stupid Dark Knights.

    So you try to switch it up with a spinning slash,
    You grab hate again and you fall on your ass.
    Youve lost more exp parties than you've gained
    why does it seem most darks dont have a brain
    Just a bunch of noobs drawn in by the cool look
    Probly got their info from that brady guide book.
    And you know i dont give a fuck exactly what they say,
    Cause im the coolest fuckin dark knight in this mother fuckin place.
    So yeah
    Fuck you
    Dont get pissed
    Fuck you
    That was a rare miss
    Fuck you
    Cause i really dont give a damn cause IM THE MOTHERFUCKIN MAAAN!!

    I got a mentor named zeid,
    Though you never see him fight.
    He acts all tough and shit,
    And doesnt even carry a scythe.
    hes always tryin to save the world with aldo from tenshodo,
    Though i dont believe his powers as far as you can throw them.
    My mentors a galka,
    What the fuck.
    can you believe My mentors a galka.
    galkas fuckin suck.No shit.
    My mentors a galka,
    doesnt even have a dick.
    He needs to go all emo and end his life quick

    Dark Dark Knight.
    Hey, At least were not dragoons.
    Dark knight.
    Absorb this and that and this
    Dark Knights.
    With a little bit of soul eater you can take over the whole world.
    Dark Dark Knights.
    Just goes to prove we're the real ninja turtles.

    So when it comes to a weapon,
    Your known by the speed of your swing.
    People always laughin at you like,
    "Look at that thing"
    You go and grit your teeth,
    and get all pissed off,
    so you build up tp and pop that weapons skill and bam!
    you missed
    Who were you again?
    whoah man, damn dude thats really gotta sucked,
    When it comes to bein a dark knight accuracy fuckin sucks.

    Dark Knights
    Hey uh, When we hit...its usually for good damage!
    Dark Dark Knights
    Sole sushi was made just for us...i promise.
    Dark Knights.
    hey at least we got the looks down right?
    Dark knight.
    Most bad ass job in the whole mother fuckin game.

    Now dont get me started when it comes to seeking a party,
    10 + hours is probly what id hardly look forward to on an average day,
    No tell detectors, No AFK. awwww FUCK
    i missed an invite while recording this song.
    Im so pissed ill just move along.
    at least you now know what its like from the side of a true story, life, dark knight.

    Dark Dark Knight.

    Before the flaming starts, note, I've been a DRK for over 2 years now and I have nothing against them, so don't get any wrong impressions, just a hilarious song I found. Also, I take no credit for this song, it was made by the people at: There's is more funny music and some cool vids there too, so check it out.
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    In the moonlight, your face it glows.. like a thousand diamonds, I suppose.
    And your hair flows like.. The ocean breeze...
    Not a million fights could make me hate you, you’re invincible.
    Yeah, It’s true.
    It’s in your eyes, where I find peace.

    [I love you, Rebecca :D!]

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    Re: Dark Knights are so emo...

    Pure entertainment.

    Can you write a song about SMN who dont have all there summons?


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      Re: Dark Knights are so emo...

      Good song. He missed Guillotine on a kid that probably had an evasion skill of 8, haha...
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