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BLU and CoP Spells

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    Re: BLU and CoP Spells

    Swordbelt +1 (ATK+12)
    Headlong Belt (ATK+5 Haste 3%)
    Life Belt (ACC +10)

    I'd like to pick up a Desert Belt (HP+20, STR+2, AGI+3, INT-5) for physical spells but there aren't any on the AH right now.
    General rules:
    * Attack only benefits melee swings/WS, not spells
    * Accuracy > Attack unless your Acc is capped or the enemy's Defense is enormous (IT++ level shit)
    * Accuracy > Haste for BLU spells in most cases since I assume you don't spam spells as fast as possible
    * Small amounts of raw stats (e.g. 2-3) yield very small increases in spell damage

    Conclusions: Life Belt for physical spells only Accuracy is capped and/or there's a spell with a really long recast that you want to cast as much as possible.
    Life Belt or Headlong Belt for TP. Those two are pretty close so I'd just wear Life Belt for everything.


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      Re: BLU and CoP Spells

      Sounds good Armando! Thanks.