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    Right now I'm a level 64 BLU/NIN (/THF is 31 and needs to be leveled a bit >.>) and I'm eagerly awaiting level 65 so I can equip my Ifrit's blade, but this got me thinking. What gear should I have as a 65 Blue Mage? Current gear is as follows:

    Main: Msk.Cmd. Scimitar (Ifrit's blade at 65)
    Sub:Wis.Wiz. Anelace (??? at 65)
    Range: None
    Ammo: Bibiki Seashell
    Head: AF
    Neck Chiv. Chain
    Ear1: Insomnia Earring
    Ear2: Antivenom Earring
    Body: AF
    Hands: AF and Hume RSE
    Rings: Level 36 HQ STR rings (I'm poor and can't afford the level 54 HQ)
    Back: Amemet Mantle
    Waist: Life belt
    Legs: AF
    Boots: AF

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    Re: Gear 65+

    Yar, Ifrit's Blade is good from 65 to about 73 when you'll want to be thinking about upgrading to one of the Adaman Kilij swords (this includes the Dragon/Demon Slayers). At 69 you'll want to take a look at Wing Sword; the stat boosts are very good and well rounded as an off-hand sword for BLU. For ammo, think about a Tiphia Sting. It'll help your accuracy with not only your sword swings, but your physical magic as well. The attack will just help edge your sword strikes closer to those upper numbers.

    For the second row, if you don't already have it, gun for an Optical Hat by 70. Until then, any number of things will work in the head slot: Valkyrie's Mask, Emp. Hairpin, Storm Zucchetto, and, of course, Magus Keffiyeh. Chivalrous Chain works for a damn long time (practically forever). For the earrings, Antivenom, Insomnia, and/or any attack+ earrings will serve you well. The mid-to-upper 70s sees options such as Brutal, Ethereal, Suppanomimi, and Magnetic in those slots.

    Body row sees Magus Jubbuh see action from now to eternity. It's only until you hit 75 that you'll see much use outside the AF Body of Awesome with Homam, Morrigan, Yigit, and Denali as you best options. Exactly at 65, a great pair of gloves become available: Fencing Bracers. It gives a chunk of HP+, Attack, and Evasion, all around perfect for pt and solo play. Replacable by Dusk, Homam, and other such higher level shinies. Go for a Rajas Ring if at all possible; it's just that good, and saves you a fortune in a ring slot as the stats grow with you. The other slot is good for a Garrulous Ring, and later other rings such as Flame Ring, or one of the ToAU rings.

    Bottom row sees Amemet Mantle +1 for a long time, as there's little higher than that that justifes spending much more on that slot. Maybe Rainbow/Prism, but that goes in a mage build. Potent Belt is made of fairly good win, as is any INT/MND/hMP+ belt for mage/healing builds. AF legs will suffice until better equipment becomes available in the form of the Feral set, and this goes for boots too, until two levels later when you can equip Rutter Sabatons (which can be later replaced by Dusk, and, of course, the lvl 75 options). Other leg options include Vendor/Prince's Slops at 70 (a great leg piece for BLU).

    Overall, a lot of equipment choices become available right at that level, or shortly thereafter, so the last stretch is filled with a lot of goodies to choose from. You'll also start to see options for viable mage builds pop up, so begin considering that as well when you start building your spell list next time.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: Aother bonus here is that a large majority of the equipment I listed in this post is, quite literally, free. Assault for most of it, and NM/Mission/Quest for the rest. Only a few items that are purely crafted should cost you anything, but with all the gil you're saving from not having to spend a fortune on all your gear, you should be able to find ways to treat yourself to a bit of the good stuff here and there.
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      Re: Gear 65+

      Finally a response ^^ and boy was it a good one. Thanks a lot! Although, I have one question... what about Scorpion Harness? I see a lot of people use Scorpion Harness instead of BLU AF. Is Blue magic +15 > than +10 acc?

      Also, assault items are definitely not free for me... I have yet to do a single assault because nobody wants to do 60 caps and BLU is my highest job (now 66).


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        Re: Gear 65+

        Originally posted by Rylus View Post
        I see a lot of people use Scorpion Harness instead of BLU AF. Is Blue magic +15 > than +10 acc?
        Depends if you're meleeing or casting. No harm in macroing in the right gear when you need it.


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          Re: Gear 65+

          Scoha for TP, Jubbah for spell cast/WS

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            Re: Gear 65+

            couple of staple choices to add

            hq sword belt(not sure of it's lifeline compared to potent belt)

            assault jerkin(again not sure if others replace it but chances are much better than belt)


            the usual hq attack/eva down earrings

            I plan on using a harvest and heims combo when i get blu to 61(or 63?) for spells

            mp+ gear for a elf like me helps when i solo moar mp preaze!

            have to add in the meleeing part of it too=P esp when /nin

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              Re: Gear 65+

              Personally, I can't stand swapping gear that makes me blink unless I'm not meleeing, so I try to keep that to a bare minimum. On BLU, the only times I blink are when I cast Magic Fruit/Hammer (to swap in a crazy amount of MND gear), or MP Drainkiss if I'm not wearing the AF body already (and to put in AF head if fighting colibris). What I did through the levels was try using AF body full-time, and if my sword accuracy was suffering, I'd just wear the SH full-time.

              For swords, I used Ifrit's Blade mainhand and Msk.Cmd. Falchion offhand until 72. Then I went to Dissector mainhand and Ifrit's Blade offhand. Now, I use Perdu Hanger mainhand (need Chief Sergeant rank and 40k IS for this) and Demon Slayer offhand. Perdu is definitely, without a doubt, the best sword you can use. I've seen people debate using Ifrit's Blade offhand over Adaman Kilij/Demon Slayer/Dragon Slayer, because they like the extra STR and Attack more than the extra 5 base DMG, 15 MP, 2 DEX/VIT, and killer trait. I'd say it's a matter of preference there, really. I completely ignored Wing Swords, but now that I look at them, they're not too bad either for their level.

              We really don't get much in the way of ranged/ammo. Jr.Msk. Chakram +1/+2 is nice for conquest areas outside your nation's control. Fenrir's Stone is nice for soloing at nighttime. Bibiki Seashell is nice when soloing crabs or other aquans, and for Magic Fruit macros if you're not using a ranged weapon (like a chakram; since switching that out would reset your TP). Tiphia Sting is all-around good. It's what I use now.

              We also have very few shield choices (for when you're /THF or /WHM or something). Tortoise Shield, if you can get one, is nice for the lower levels and level caps. Astral Shield, if you can afford one, is pretty awesome. Astral Aspis, if you can get one, is a nice way to save some gil from buying Astral Shield, and Genbu's Shield is pretty easy to get even if you're new to a sky shell.

              For head, there's lots of equally good head options pre-70. MP hairpins, Attack headpieces, Empress Hairpin, etc. Voyager Sallet is awesome too, if you can get one (I never could ; . At 70, Optical Hat is made of win, and at 75, Walahra Turban is awesome when you don't need the accuracy from O.Hat (which you shouldn't with a decent amount of other accuracy gear and sword/blue magic skill merits).

              Chivalrous Chain is made of win; it never stops being awesome.

              For earrings, Antivenom and Insomnia will last you until Suppanomimi and Brutal Earring (I wore Magnetic from 72-74, just cuz I had it for WHM).

              For hands, Tarasque Mitts are really nice at 70. Dusk/Homam are nice too if you can get them.

              For rings, I just wore STR rings the whole way through the levels. I didn't get Rajas til I was around 60-ish, myself. I had good enough accuracy without Woodsman/Sniper's. If you do need accuracy though, get one or two of those (Ulthalam's Ring is a nice alternative to those too if you have beaten ToAU).

              For back, Amemet+1 is best thing you'll get, pretty much.

              For waist, Potent Belt is win forever~

              For legs, I wore Mithra RSE until Vendor's Slops. I eventually got Volunteer's Brais (Sergeant Major rank needed, 32k IS) to replace those. Homam is awesome too. Dusk is decent, but I wouldn't buy it just for BLU (like, if you had it from another job, then sure, use it, but otherwise I wouldn't get it).

              For feet, I used Mithra RSE until I got Homam feet. XD Tiger/Feral are decent too. I think Denali feet are pretty nice too if you aren't a Mithra, and Hume RSE2 feet are awesome if you're a Hume.

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