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Question of Terror Touch Effect?

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  • Question of Terror Touch Effect?

    I am wondering is Terror Touch attack down effect base of percentage? or a constant value? Is it worthwhile to use for blood tanking for PLD/WAR, WAR tank and BLU tank? (like Terror Touch + Cocoon)
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    Re: Question of Terror Touch Effect?

    Attack/Defense Boost/Down always works by percentage, I would expect Terror Touch to be no different. If it's potent enough it would allow a PLD tank to eat sushi without getting hit quite so hard. On an oldschool Def/VIT whore turtle PLD or anyone using Cocoon backed up with decent armor it shouldn't make too big of a difference, so it's your call.


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      Re: Question of Terror Touch Effect?

      I doubt it is a huge Attack Down effect, considering our other "stat down" type effects. I'd guess somewhere in the area of -10% to -12.5%.

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        Re: Question of Terror Touch Effect?

        i have terror touch but i rarely use it unless i'm soloing gravitation on a mp mob for burst affinity>Mp drainkiss

        terror touch is kinda mehish to me I dont really notice a great improvement imo and it's 62 mp I save it for the harder mobs and not let my reserves get low to keep chain

        and hello btw havent posted in a while lol

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          Re: Question of Terror Touch Effect?

          According to this, it's "90% down", which in Japanese probably means "down to 90% of original value", or "10% down" in English.

          The same page also says due to long cast time, low accuracy, low proc rate on additional effect (that would be attack down), very few people like to use it.

          If I'm reading this right, when ghosts use Terror Touch, it's a "15% down"--that would be attack down 85% in English. o_O;
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