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Effect of other magic skills?

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  • Effect of other magic skills?

    There seems to be some effect on blue magic from having other magic skills. This is most notable when subbing WHM or RDM, and casting healing spells like Magic Fruit.

    Has anyone done tests to see if Enfeebling Magic helps BLU enfeebles or if Elemental Magic helps BLU nukes? It's always dangerous to base anything off of a piece of equipment, but the fact that BLU can use the Elite Beret (which give +Divine, Enfeeble, and Elemental skill) would seem to support it.

    A second question is, would they help increase the chance of inflicting the secondary effects of blue physical spells, such as actually stunning with Head Butt and not just inflicting damage?

    I've been trying out BLU/RDM and using the Elite Beret in Dynamis and it seems to help, but it's really hard to tell. So, what are your guys' experience?

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    Re: Effect of other magic skills?

    Well since divine seal and elemental seal work for BLU spells, you may be right in saying that enfeebling/healing/elemental magic skills have a small boost for Blue magic, more like a secondary thing, since blue magic skill influences them directly. But you never know. ^ ^


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      Re: Effect of other magic skills?

      So I finally decided to test this...

      Setup: Test as /NIN, /THF, /DRK, /RDM, /BLM. INT and MND were set exactly equal in each case. Fire Spit was used on Bumblebees outside Windurst. Five tests were run for each subjob.


      /NIN: 421 Damage
      /THF: 421 Damage (tested to make sure Ninjitsu Skill has no effect)
      /BLM: 522 Damage
      /RDM: 505 Damage
      /DRK: 421 Damage

      Analysis and Conclusions: Elemental Skill from a subjob has no effect of Blue Elemental Magic. After seeing the result for /DRK, a further test was run as /WHM to see if there was a Mage vs Melee subjob effect similar to how DRG wyvern types are determined. /WHM also yielded 421 Damage. Magic Attack Bonus was then equipped as /WHM and the Damage increased to 505, identical to /RDM. This confirmed that the only difference was due to the presence of Magic Attack Bonus I or II. I'm probably mistaken in thinking that the power of Blue cures increase with /WHM, as it seems more likely given this result to simply be a case of Magic Fruit in particular saling very strongly with +MND.
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        Re: Effect of other magic skills?

        Healing skill does enhance Magic Fruit (and I think Wild Carrot? I don't know, I don't use it :x). The increase can't be explained just from the MND difference. Magic Fruit heals an extra 2 HP for every 1 point of MND, and an extra 1 HP for every point of VIT. With NIN sub, I heal for 380 with Magic Fruit. With WHM sub and the same gear, I heal for something like 415-420 (I don't remember the exact number, but it's around there). That's a 35-40 point difference, which would imply a much bigger increase in MND from NIN sub to WHM sub than I'm actually getting. As far as I can tell though, that's the only other magic skill that affects blue magic. Enfeebling skill hasn't helped me land enfeebles, and elemental skill hasn't effected my nukes.

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          Re: Effect of other magic skills?

          It'd be great if SE could change this to make elemental skills power up magical blue magic, as the vast majority of magical attack spells are weak compared to physical ones.

          But then people might start complaining that attack should factor in too.... @ - @