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Ballad vs. Ballad II range

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  • Ballad vs. Ballad II range

    Recently, i've noticed that my Ballad I casts a larger range than Ballad II.
    My equip hasn't change and... i am using a string instrument.

    Has this always been the case? or what may i've been lacking?

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    Re: Ballad vs. Ballad II range

    I believe your instrument skill level affects range slightly.
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      Re: Ballad vs. Ballad II range

      ahh.. that makes sense.. thanks. string skill up goes!


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        Re: Ballad vs. Ballad II range

        Stringed instruments do have range that varies with skill and spell, there's a nice handy table here:

        String Instrument Skill - FFXIclopedia, the Final Fantasy XI wiki - Characters, items, jobs, and more

        Ballad I does have a naturally higher range than Ballad II, that much won't change at higher skill levels.
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          Re: Ballad vs. Ballad II range

          Hold on.

          Why is Ballad being used with a harp here?

          Because unless you're rolling with a pack of Black Mages, you shouldn't be using a harp to hit your mages with Ballad. In fact, using a harp for any general purpose buff is bad as you'll risk hitting melees that don't need MP refresh and mages that don't need melee buffs.

          I really only used Harp for Finale and and the occasional Etude. Finale is a fine way to keep string skilled since you'd use it a lot in the Subterrane and Mount Z camps, as well as MJSP.

          There is no good excuse to be using harps to pass out Ballad at 45+. You have Pianissimo if you have Ballad 2 and you shouldn't be AoE Ballading one guy on the front line and the mages at the expense of the other melees on the frontline.

          PLDs should be setting Sanction Refresh, as should DRKs and BLUs. BLUs should also have Auto-Refresh set so no frongline MP user should ever need both ballads, especially if a RDM is in your PT. At colbri camps, none of them should be exhausting too much MP save for the BLU. Colibri just don't live that long.

          Use proper wind instruments for their relevant melee buff. Use Pianissimo to get melees the proper buffs they need, which would be MP for BLU, PLD and DRK and Minuet for RNGs. And for DRK you'd only have to Pianissimo in moderation, as in colibri camps their magic use will be minimal.
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            Re: Ballad vs. Ballad II range

            lol... i was in a EG event in a mage pt when i notice the range difference. So in this situation, string would be idea to hit everyone esp BLMS. Thanks you bunches for your comments :]